Manage deliveries with ease using Delivery Date & Store Pickup. Let customers choose delivery dates and times or pickup locations. Set order limits and schedule shipping dates.

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Delivery Date & Store Pickup

Delivery Date & Store Pickup

Estimated Delivery Date And Time, Store Pickup, Local Delivery


Delivery Date & Store Pickup is a Shopify app that allows store owners to manage deliveries. It allows customers to select the desired date and time for their orders to be delivered. The app also supports store pickup and offers customers the ability to choose one of their nearest pickup locations. The app also provides store owners with the flexibility to set order limits per timeslot and schedule shipping dates so they can manage deliveries effectively. Furthermore, this app displays holiday dates to prevent customers from choosing those dates.


  • Estimate delivery date and time: This feature will let customers know when their order is likely to arrive. Store owners can set the delivery time and date for each product and the customer can order accordingly.
  • Set order limits: Store owners can set an order limit per timeslot which gives them more control over the delivery process. This ensures that orders are processed in a timely manner and that stores can keep up with rising demand.
  • Store Pickup: Customers can choose from one of their nearest store pickup locations. This allows them to transport the order themselves and save on shipping costs.
  • Scheduled shipping: Store owners can schedule shipping dates to ensure orders are shipped within an appropriate time period. This can help store owners optimize their delivery process and control their resources.
  • Holiday Dates: The app prevents customers from selecting dates that fall on public holidays and school holidays. This allows store owners to maintain customer satisfaction and ensure orders are delivered promptly.
  • Customize the UI: This feature allows store owners to customize the look and feel of the input fields with custom CSS. This will make it easier for customers to place their orders and select their preferred dates and times.
  • Multi-level shipping: This feature allows store owners to set different delivery periods according to their needs. Whether they need orders to be delivered within a few hours or days, and even offer overnight delivery options, this app is capable of accommodating them.
  • Multi-language support: This feature allows store owners to provide customers with the ability to select their preferred language for the delivery date and time selection.
  • Multiple currency support: The app supports multiple currencies, so store owners can serve customers from all over the world without changing the currency.
  • Analytics and insights: Store owners can view insights into the performance of their delivery date and store pickup feature, as well as customer preferences. This allows them to further optimize their delivery process.


Delivery Date & Store Pickup offers a free plan and a paid plan, Delivery Date Pro. The free plan offers all of the basic features and allows store owners to customize their delivery dates and times. The paid plan includes additional features such as multi-level shipping, multi-language support, and multiple currency support. The Delivery Date Pro plan costs $9.99 per month.