Drive sales with Affiliate Marketing & Referral for Shopify. Harness the power of influencers with flexible commissions and robust tracking. Empower your affiliate network.

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Affiliate Marketing & Referral

Affiliate Marketing & Referral

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Affiliate Marketing & Referral is an all-in-one tool to help Shopify store owners better manage their affiliate and referral programs. With the app, store owners can easily create, manage, and promote their affiliate program, allowing social media influencers to become their referral partners and generate revenue for them. The app provides an easy-to-navigate interface and has features that include a separate affiliate dashboard, flexible commission rules, coupon codes, email alerts, marketing assets, PayPal integration, multi-level and multi-tier commissions, invites popup, custom signup page, custom dashboard, and more.


  • Seamless Affiliate Onboarding: With this feature, shop owners can customize the signup page and form fields, setting up commission rules based on affiliates, products, collections, and achievements.
  • Automated Referral Links & Coupon Codes: The app automatically creates referral links and coupon codes for affiliates to share with their network.
  • Post-Purchase Pop-Ups: This feature allows shop owners to ask customers to join as affiliates on order pages.
  • Separate Affiliate Dashboard: The app features a separate dashboard designed specifically for affiliates, allowing them to monitor their performance and commissions.
  • Flexible Commission Rules: Shop owners have the freedom to create custom commission rules depending on their affiliates.
  • Marketing Assets: Store owners can create various marketing assets and share them with their affiliates.
  • Paypal Integration: Affiliates can be paid through PayPal and store owners have the option to set up multiple payment accounts within the app.
  • Multi-level & Multi-tier Commissions: The app allows shop owners to set up multi-level and multi-tier commissions for their affiliates.
  • Invite Pop-Ups: Store owners can set up invitation-only campaigns for the affiliates, helping them grow their network.
  • Customizable Sign-Up Page: Shop owners can create a custom, branded sign up page for their affiliates.


Affiliate Marketing & Referral app for Shopify offers a free plan, as well as three plans priced at $5, $9 and $15 per month. The free plan offers unlimited affiliates, unlimited orders and analytics. The more advanced features are available in the paid plans.