Lifesight is one of TheTradeDesk’s integration partners, enabling our customers to leverage the power of anonymized location data, reach the right customer cohorts, and measure the impact of their omnichannel campaigns on real-world business outcomes. 

Since their partnership kicked off in 2019, Lifesight and TheTradeDesk have jointly changed the targeting and measurement game for over 30 global brands, collaborated on 664 campaigns, delivering a staggering 720M impressions. 

Lifesight - leading location intelligence for brands and agencies for over half a decade

Founded in 2017 and an early mover in its space, Lifesight has earned the trust of brands and agencies in helping them deliver high ROAS with accurate and holistic consumer insight at scale and perform informed campaign measurements with anonymized location intelligence. Lifesight not only strengthens campaigns and measurements on contemporary channels like digital but also legacy ones like OOH. 

Over the years, many brands worldwide across sectors like CPG, fashion & retail, hospitality, automotive, financial services, telco, entertainment, QSR, luxury, and pharmaceutical, among others, have started to rely on Lifesight’s location intelligence expertise.

Today, brands are using Lifesight’s top three offerings to strengthen their growth strategies.


Lifesight Audiences is a location-based audience data solution for brands and agencies looking to gain a deeper and more granular insight into their customers. 

Lifesight gives brands deep anonymized location-based customer insights based on real-world behaviors, affinities, interests, and intent.

Brands and agencies typically use Lifesight Audiences for hyper-accurate audience targeting and retargeting in their omnichannel campaigns to deliver higher ROAS.


Lifesight Measurements is a location-based campaign measurement solution for brands and agencies looking to quantify the impact of their omnichannel campaigns on business outcomes.

With anonymized location data, Lifesight helps brands and agencies measure the impact of their campaigns on results like store visits and test drive bookings. In addition, it brings real-world metrics like web-to-visit, cost-per-visit, visit share analysis and visit lift index into the equation.

Brands and agencies typically use Lifesight Measurement in the post-campaign phase to measure impact and ROI, and during campaign flight for real-time optimization.


Out Of Home


Lifesight OOH is a comprehensive tool powered by highly accurate and anonymized location data. It leverages a range of real world data sources to derive insights on places and the people who inhabit or visit them.

Lifesight OOH allows media planners and advertisers strengthen –

  • Planning, by using location data to select the most optimal sites for OOH campaigns
  • Measurements, by evaluating impressions and unique users seen in front of billboards
  • Audience insights, with inputs like demographics, affinities, and personas in the context of OOH locations

Brands and agencies use Lifesight OOH to plan and execute insight-driven and ROI-centric outdoor campaigns and measure their impact on real world outcomes.

See Lifesight in Action

Trusted by 300+ brands and agencies worldwide

125% increase in average store footfall


Brand: Leading global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of fashion, luxury, and sports eyewear

Challenge: Improving retail store visits and marketing ROI measurement


  • Lifesight Measurement to evaluate visit lift as a result of campaign exposure across all geographies
  • Real-time streaming of campaign data and measurements feed for ad optimization and always-on ROI measurement

10k+ visits, 18% average visit uplift through year-long campaign optimization

Volvo car

Brand: Volvo Cars

Challenge: Understanding the impact of ad channels and strategies on dealership footfalls


  • Lifesight Measurement for year-long 360-degree insight into campaigns’ impact on dealership footfalls
  • Actionable campaign performance insights for continuous ad optimization

26k+ store visits, 45% visit lift, 23% decrease in cost-per-visit


Brand: Leading global fashion brand with outlets around the globe

Challenge: Reaching the right target audience for summer collection launch


  • Lifesight Audiences for location-based insights and a 360° view of consumer cohorts’ behaviors, affinities, and interests
  • Identified and activated geo-behavioral audience segments to inform targeting strategy

224% lift in ad engagement

Brand: World’s leading CPG brand in the food, condiments, ice cream, cleaning agents, beauty products, and personal care categories 

Challenge: Improving targeting strategy for a well-known soap brand and enabling hyper-personalized ad retargeting


  • Lifesight Audiences for granular geo-behavioral insights to create micro-segments for retargeting
  • Real-time creative and messaging personalization for audience micro-segments

8.8% average intent surge score for DOOH ads

Brand: Global B2B technology brand

Challenge: Reaching B2B technology decision-makers for a new product line through DOOH activation


  • Lifesight OOH for sharp insights into relevant customer cohort and their physical world locations and behaviors
  • Insight-led DOOH site selection across a tier-1 city in APAC

Join TheTradeDesk and Lifesight to usher in the era of location

Today, 350+ brands and agencies across 36 countries around the world power their consumer insights, marketing and advertising strategies, and business decisions with Lifesight’s location expertise.

Location intelligence has seen tremendous growth over the years – valued at $14 billion in 2021 and set to grow at a CAGR of 15% between 2022 and 2030. This indicates that more and more businesses are joining Lifesight in seeing how anonymized location insights strengthen advertising, marketing, customer experience, operations, and, eventually, business outcomes.

But these businesses need to move fast to influence their revenues with the power of “where.”

As location becomes a core element in your growth strategies, Lifesight and TheTradeDesk are here to partner with you through the process, define your unique location intelligence use cases, and help you make outcome-driven and customer-centric marketing decisions.

If you wish to know more about Lifesight and how we can help you transform your business.