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Taking strategic actions made easy with Lifesight recommendations

Published On: 2024-02-15


We want to drive more confidence in every marketer's decisions and it’s a no-brainer that centralizing strategic insights simplifies the decision-making process. In our latest release, we bring to you Lifesight recommendations—a tool to give actionable insights to refine your ad planning strategies. It synthesizes data from Marketing Mix Modeling, Experiments, and Multi-Touch Attribution, offering a comprehensive understanding of the campaign's effectiveness.

Understanding tailored recommendations for marketing optimization:

Now, why should you use recommendations?

Marketers often need help with disparate data sources, the complexity of analyzing cross-channel performance, and the pressure to deliver more with less.

  • First, it's hard to combine data from different channels and platforms, which makes it tough to fully understand the data.
  • Second, without a common way to analyze everything, it's hard to get clear insights that can guide all marketing efforts.
  • Lastly, spending too much time analyzing data can slow down decision-making, which might hurt the success of marketing campaigns and the money they make back.

Actionable insights at your fingertips

This feature is your gateway to insights and strategic foresight that drives better outcomes across all marketing activities. Lifesight's recommendations module tackles these challenges head-on by offering:

  • Budget optimization : Ensures that marketing dollars are spent where they will have the most significant impact. Advises on reallocating marketing budgets for optimal efficiency and ROI, using insights from the MMM module.
  • Experimentation : Guides on setting up marketing experiments like audience split tests or geo experiments for marketers looking to test hypotheses and understand the effectiveness of different marketing strategies in real-world scenarios.
  • Data Integration : Recommends best practices for merging various data sources for a comprehensive marketing overview.
  • Warnings :Provides alerts on potential issues in marketing strategies or data analysis to preemptively address challenges.


Applying Recommendations in the real world

  • Maximize ROI : The Budget Optimization recommendations empower marketers to allocate their budget more effectively across channels, leveraging Marketing Mix Modeling insights for enhanced spend efficiency and higher returns.

  • Improve Campaigns : Experimentation recommendations provide tools for conducting targeted tests, like audience splits or geo experiments, enabling data-driven adjustments that boost campaign effectiveness and engagement.

  • Unified Insights : Data Integration recommendations offer strategies for merging diverse data sources, presenting a holistic view of marketing efforts, while Warnings alert marketers to potential issues early, safeguarding campaign health.

Accessing the recommendations feature is straightforward. You can easily apply these insights to the real world and convert your data into solid actionable strategies. Learn more about this feature👉