Product Updates

Reach your international customers seamlessly - SMS available globally

Published On: 2023-07-25


Send SMS messages worldwide

Earlier, our platform was equipped with sending SMS messages only to US and Canada. Now, you send SMS messages to your audience and connect with them seamlessly on a global level.

How can you send SMS globally?

  1. Once you sign up to Lifesight, a test number will get assigned for you (this is a US Toll Free Number).
  2. You can start running test transactional campaigns. At this point, you can only use pre-approved SMS templates for campaigns. SMS in flows are not available at this point.
  3. For getting a dedicated business toll free number, you can upgrade your plan.
  4. In order for verification, you need to submit this number before you can proceed with sending more campaigns and flows. As soon as the number is submitted for verification, you will have complete access to the SMS feature in Lifesight for both campaigns and flows.
  5. If the business verification fails, the accesses will be revoked.

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