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Turn purchase insights into recurring revenue

Published On: 2024-01-18


So now you've got your attribution journeys and ad ROAS sorted. But do you know what drove your customer to add the second product in that order? Or exactly what channel is best suited to sell a specific offering? Enter Purchase insights.

Clarity in data leads to clarity in choices

It's no wonder that the traditional approach to attribution often leads to a disconnect between marketing spend and tangible results. This gap limits the optimization of marketing strategies and budget allocations, leaving businesses in the dark about the true ROI of their campaigns.

Under the new Purchases tab in Lifesight's Attribution module, you will find a solution to this challenge featuring detailed attribution charts spanning Orders, Products, and Geo Insights, each designed to offer comprehensive insights into sells together, specific product performance, and regional market trends.

  • The Orders Chart: Know which of your offerings go together the best

ScreenShot Tool -20240118181541.png

It is designed to provide a comprehensive view of sales over a selected period. This chart tracks the number of orders placed, allowing businesses to monitor sales trends and identify peak purchasing times. Gain deep insights into customer purchase patterns and assess the direct impact of marketing campaigns on sales. Observe how sales trends correlate with marketing campaigns or seasonal events. Compare sales data across different time frames to assess business growth or the impact of promotional strategies.

  • The Products Chart: Understand which channel contributes to each product's sale

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Get clear visibility into what channels are best suited to sell each of your products. Know the incremental contribution of each marketing channel to individual product sales and identify how many orders the products were a part of within a specific time frame.

  • Geo-Insights Chart: Uncovering regional trends

ScreenShot Tool -20240118181836.png

Discover what channels work across geographies to understand regional purchase trends and advertising preferences. Identify potential new markets or regions where marketing efforts could be intensified. Develop region-specific strategies based on local preferences and purchasing behavior.

Advanced-Data Filtering for Tailored Analysis

Additionally, two sophisticated filters, Channels Filter and Medium Filter, allow you to categorize and analyze orders based on their UTM source and medium values. By analyzing UTM sources and mediums, you can identify the most efficient pathways for customer acquisition. This insight helps in optimizing your acquisition strategies to attract more customers at a lower cost. It also equips businesses to swiftly adapt to market changes, ensuring that marketing strategies remain relevant and effective.

You may ask, what does this bunch of charts change for you? Well, expect an incremental bump in revenue driven by:

  • Data-backed strategy: With the ability to analyze order data, businesses can understand customer preferences and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.
  • ROI Clarity: The module provides a detailed breakdown of sales and channel attribution, offering clear insights into the effectiveness of each marketing channel.
  • Localized Marketing: By analyzing regional sales and trends, businesses can create more relevant and impactful localized marketing campaigns.

A step towards smarter marketing

Don't just read about it - experience it. See how Lifesight's enhanced Purchases Module can transform your marketing approach, making every campaign more effective, every strategy more informed, and every decision more impactful. Join us in this exciting journey towards data-driven excellence in marketing!

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Turn purchase insights into recurring revenue