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Showcase brand reviews with Okendo integration

Published On: 2023-07-25


From ratings to revenue: Showcase your brand reviews & social proof with Okendo integration

We're all geared to unveil our newest integration: Okendo Enterprise, a platform to gather customer insights for creating winning commerce experiences that drive loyalty and maximize lifetime value. This powerful integration brings together the best of both worlds, enabling you to leverage the strengths of Lifesight and Okendo to supercharge your customer review strategy and drive growth.

Here are four key functionalities that this integration brings to the table:

  1. Acquire Customer Reviews Effortlessly- With the Lifesight and Okendo Integration, drive more conversions with authentic customer ratings, reviews, Q&A and visual UGC. You can now trigger review request emails directly from the Lifesight platform. This means that as soon as a customer completes a purchase or reaches a specific milestone, Lifesight can automatically send a personalized review request email based on their past interactions on your platform. You can incentivize customer participation in leaving reviews, enabling you to gather important feedback and enhance your offerings.
  2. Enhance the Impact of Automated Email - The power of customer reviews can't be underestimated, and now you can showcase those ratings and reviews in all emails sent from Lifesight. Whether it's an abandoned cart or a product recommendation, Lifesight's integration with Okendo allows you to include real-time ratings and reviews to instill confidence in your customers and drive conversions. By leveraging social proof in your email campaigns, you can engage customers and boost sales like never before.
  3. Unified customer profiles for centralized data - Events that customers take on their journey with your brand are key to delivering personalized experiences. With this integration, you can sync customer data captured in Okendo. This means that every review, rating, and interaction your customers have with your brand through Okendo will be seamlessly integrated into their Lifesight profiles. Armed with this valuable information, you can tailor your marketing efforts and provide personalized recommendations, creating a more engaging and meaningful customer journey.
  4. Harnessing Okendo Events for optimizing automations - Okendo captures a wealth of customer review events, and now you can leverage them as powerful metrics within Lifesight. With the integration, events such as when a customer leaves a review or updates their rating can be recorded as actionable metrics within Lifesight. These metrics can then be used to fuel the design of your automations, enabling you to create highly targeted and personalized customer journeys based on review activities.

As we continue our diligent exploration, we have lined up another exciting possibility of Sentiment Analysis with this intigration. Experience the difference today and stay tuned to unlock the full potential of customer reviews with Lifesight.

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