Product Updates

Reply to Emails: Campaigns

Published On: 2023-07-25


Now your customers can reply to your email  campaigns

We are excited to announce the release of a new feature in Campaigns - Reply-to-emails.

This feature enables brands to receive emails from their customers and engage in email conversations, thereby enhancing communication and building stronger relationships with their audience.

To utilize this feature, enter a well-formed email address in the designated field during the Campaign setup step. With this, users can now receive direct replies from their customers/profiles, thereby facilitating timely and personalized responses.

We understand that every user has unique preferences, which is why we have made the Reply-to-email feature customizable. You can choose to leave the sender email address as the default reply-to email or opt for a custom email address of their choice.

To access this option, uncheck the checkbox and enter the preferred email address. This simple and intuitive process empowers users to personalize their communications and create a unique brand experience.

This feature will provide users with a valuable tool to enhance their customer engagement and build stronger connections. So, start using Reply-to-emails in Campaigns today and elevate your communication game.

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