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Lifesight Pixel: Leave no interaction behind with our JavaScript SDK

Published On: 2023-11-02


With businesses branching out in fascinating directions, tracking customers’ every move has become the new gold! And if you've been feeling those traditional platforms are falling short, here's the news: consider Lifesight's Custom JS SDK, a solution that promises precision in tracking, irrespective of your technology stack.

While platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce dominate, not all businesses rely on them. As businesses use custom platforms to build online storefronts, a host of new data challenges open up. But plenty of choices bring benefits and complications. Several businesses face issues with inflexible tracking solutions that don't read from their unique frameworks, resulting in data gaps and complicating user experience refinements. Lifesight’s SDK offers a tailored toolkit, turning daunting technical dependencies into straightforward solutions.

The custom JS SDK is all about detail and precision. Every user interaction, whether it's a logged-in user exploring your products or a casual browser merely skimming through, gets captured with relevant supporting data points. This kind of comprehensive data capture ensures businesses have a 360-degree view of their user interactions, a vital ingredient for refining user experiences and driving engagement.

Lifesight Pixel: Understanding its applications

Want the best insights from your measurements? Well, you’re looking for the Lifesight Pixel.

This agile element tracks client-side events, capturing those crucial moments when a user visits or interacts with your site. This ensures higher precision in data collection, from assigning an anonymous ID to each visitor to automatically tracking views with associated metadata, capturing crucial marketing identifiers from platforms like Facebook, Google, and Snapchat, which in turn enhance your contacts’ First Party ID graphs.

This powerful Pixel has a huge range of functionalities, which cover:

  1. Client-side tracking: Accurately documents pivotal user interactions and site visits. Systematically registers each page view and its corresponding metadata.
  2. Identifier allocation: Recognizing the uniqueness of each visitor, the system allocates an anonymous ID, securely retained within the browser's local storage.
  3. UTM parameter tracking: To ascertain the origin of user visits, the Pixel proficiently captures UTM parameters.
  4. Marketing identifier capture: Augmenting its capability, the Pixel acquires vital marketing identifiers from prominent platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Snapchat, inclusive of primary cookies and click IDs.

Leverage the capabilities of a richer audience landscape

Universal compatibility meets user-centric data

Beyond Shopify and WooCommerce, this feature accommodates a wide range of ecosystems. With easy integration, businesses can seamlessly incorporate our advanced tracking tools. From mobile to desktop to tablet, ensure every marketing decision is anchored in comprehensive user behavior data.

Real-time insights and comprehensive viewpoints

Dig into the real-time actions of users, from products viewed to checkout, seamlessly mapping the customer journey across devices. This includes interactions, behaviors, and time to the next event. Such an insight-led approach helps businesses always stay one step ahead, decoding user preferences and intentions, and identifying any challenges in the buying process.

Ad tracking and retargeting

JS SDKs allow for accurate tracking of ad impressions, clicks, and conversions. This data is essential for optimizing ad spend and retargeting users based on their interactions. Marketers can define and track specific events, like button clicks, form submissions, or video views. This can be crucial in understanding which elements of a campaign or site are most effective.

Consistent user identification

Well-implemented JS SDK can help in consistently identifying and understanding returning users, aiding in more personalized marketing efforts.

Think of it like a tracker that sees where people are visiting your site from, be it an ad here or a link there. And when you know where folks are coming from, it's way easier to plan your next marketing move.

First steps forward

Getting started is straightforward. Simply visit our platform, navigate to the Custom JS SDK section, and you'll find JavaScript code that's ready to be integrated with just a copy and paste.

Lifesight Pixel: Leave no interaction behind with our JavaScript SDK

It's important to recognize the versatility of the Lifesight Pixel. For example, it's skilled in handling tags, triggers, and variables within Google Tag Manager, its use isn't restricted to GTM. You can manually configure the settings outside of Google's platform, a crucial feature that accommodates the varied demands of all business sizes. This flexibility ensures that every enterprise, large or small, can fully leverage its data's potential for optimal effectiveness and adaptability.

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Lifesight Pixel: Leave no interaction behind with our JavaScript SDK