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Leverage the power of Conversion APIs for better ROAS

Published On: 2023-11-02


One of the first things we have learned in the ever-changing advertising sphere was that the most important skill isn’t creativity – it's adaptability. If channels like Facebook, TikTok, or Pinterest are currently included in your marketing plan, you may be struggling with limited ad personalization and performance reporting.

Major ad channels are presently working to combat these signal losses while still respecting user privacy, with one solution that should be top of mind – the Conversions API or Events API, more commonly referred to as CAPI. At Lifesight, we have gone live with CAPI for the big trio: Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Leverage the power of Conversion APIs for better ROAS

With third-party cookies fading away and event tracking becoming tricky, it's easy to miss out on crucial events & insights. All are crucial pieces to a successful marketing strategy, and all are at risk without the implementation of CAPI.

While the traditional Facebook Pixel and TikTok Pixel capture front-end data, the CAPI that both front-end and back-end events are tracked, filling the gaps that exist in data collection. It allows businesses to track conversions even if users have cookies blocked or disabled. It also provides more accurate and reliable conversion data.

With the loss in signal, CAPI is meant to provide and preserve data in unforeseen circumstances where the pixel may drop. It sends signal data from the website’s server instead of browser-based cookies.

Using the Conversions API

With Lifesight’s Conversions API (CAPI), tracking essential events becomes seamless. You can monitor not only purchases but also content views, pageviews, newsletter signups, subscription changes, and offline events. For e-commerce brands, it's advisable to focus on the following events: purchase, initiate checkout, add to cart, product view, and email sign-up. Capturing these events, you can optimize ad targeting and efficiently drive improvements in ROAS and related cost-per-metrics.

Get a full picture of user activity

CAPI allows more opportunities for event tracking, which will increase the number of custom conversion events. This means better optimizations for deep funnel events, better retargeting, and stronger insights.

Leverage the power of Conversion APIs for better ROAS

In simple terms, implementing a Conversions or Events API gives you:

  1. Data control: Gain control over the data you share, ensuring your ads are seen by the most relevant eyes.
  2. Richer insights, broader reach: Delve into comprehensive user behavior across various platforms with cross-channel mapping and get a wider audience pool.
  3. Comprehensive audience management: Dive deep into understanding every member of your crowd for tailored strategies and actions.
  4. Target with precision: With integrated behavior profiling, send the most engaged segments back to your ad channels with holistic audience administration and prime benchmark for marketing budget allocation.
  5. One-stop budget checkpoint: No more second-guessing where your ad money's going. Get the singular source of truth for all paid channel budgeting.

Imagine sharper targeting leading to more tailored campaigns, reaching audiences that matter, and watching your e-commerce revenue soar! Digital-first brands and e-commerce champions, this is your moment to shine. Ready to elevate your brand to new heights? Tap into this feature now!

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Leverage the power of Conversion APIs for better ROAS