Product Updates

Group customer profiles based on their behavior in one click

Published On: 2023-07-25


You can now quickly group and sort your customers based on their behaviors and attributes such as their activity in your store, purchasing, and marketing behavior, to name a few. Because these segments are already pre-built, you get all this data automatically after selecting a segment. After segmentation, these profiles can be sent actionable messages that they resonate with.

For instance, if you select the VIP customers segment, it will display a list of all the customers who fulfil the following conditions: Customers who have purchased 3 or more times, and whose average order value is higher than the store’s average.

You can then start sending campaigns or flows tailored for them. The messaging would be hyper-personalized for VIP customers, thereby, boosting your revenue.

How can you use pre-built segments?

Once your store is connected to Moda, the platform automatically generates a set of pre-built segments tailored for your e-commerce brand especially. You can select the customer segment that you need to communicate with and start with Email or SMS communication for that particular group.

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