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Google Ads integration for actionable insights on ad spend

Published On: 2023-07-25


Powering Ads & Analytics: Google Ads integration for actionable insights and cost-effective Ad Spends

We've Returned with an extraordinary addition: Google Ads Integration. Designed to empower businesses of all sizes, this integration unlocks a world of possibilities to amplify your advertising success.

With Google Ads being one of the powerful advertising platforms available, you can optimize your ad campaigns to the fullest from this integration. To answer the question that has challenged marketers for ages, “Is my marketing really working?” This integration makes it possible for every marketer on Lifesight to measure the impact of their campaigns across devices and channels - all in one place, and at no additional cost.

A big theme you’ll here about today is Attribution dashboard. By obtaining this data from our Attribution dashboard, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey, from initial impression to conversion.

Key features that will transform your advertising strategy-

Hello Google Attribution, goodbye last-click

Cross-Channel Insights

Google Ads users are left with ‘clicks’ data and revenue guestimations using conversion values. The Attribution Dashboard breaks down the performance of your Google Ads campaigns across different channels, providing a holistic view of your marketing efforts. Whether it's search ads, display ads, or video ads, you can evaluate their impact individually and collectively to uncover the channels that yield the best results.

Advanced Reports as your pathway to success

Advanced Attribution Reports

Our integration provides easy conversion tracking, allowing you to measure the success of your campaigns accurately. By tracking actions such as Last touch attribution journeys and metrics like ROAS you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your ads and which means, you can see (and compare) how campaigns are performing at different pipeline stages and strategize your campaigns accordingly.

Performance Visualization

With the Attribution Dashboard, data visualization becomes an effortless affair. Interactive graphs and charts provide intuitive representations of your campaign performance, making it easier than ever to identify trends, patterns, and areas of improvement. Visualizing your data empowers you to analyze your campaigns at a glance, saving you time and effort in extracting valuable insights.

Clicks don’t pay the bills, revenue does.

Budget Optimization

The real magic happens when you contrast your campaign’s impression share against the attributed revenue. It's a growing and important trend for marketers today. By emphasizing budget optimization strategies that consider impression share and attributed revenue, you can make data-driven decisions that lead to more profitable campaigns. Prioritizing revenue-driven metrics allows you to maximize the ROAS and is a greater step towards building, repeating and scaling your Google Ads success.

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