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Divide and Conquer: Maximize campaign results through Audience Split Testing

Published On: 2023-12-07


We should be hitting the nail on the head when it comes to knowing exactly how effective our strategies are. To get that right, marketers relentlessly experiment with aspects like the timing of campaigns, the phrasing of email subjects, the wording and design of advertisements, and more. To evaluate and upgrade their campaign strategies, it's almost inevitable today to be on the lookout for methods that are both precise and trustworthy. Audience Split Testing, our newest feature, transforms the way you handle complex multivariate tests across different channels.

The challenge in modern marketing is clear- how can businesses accurately measure the incremental value of their advertising campaigns amidst seasonal trends and varying consumer behaviors? Traditional methods often fall short in isolating the specific impact of individual campaigns, leading to inefficient budget allocation and unclear ROI. Audience Split Testing, a crucial part of Lifesight’s Experiments module, tackles this challenge head-on.

Your marketing sweet spot through experimentation

By employing Incrementality Experiments for ad campaigns, Lifesight enables brands to precisely measure the incremental lift generated by their advertising efforts. This is achieved by splitting a brand's first-party audience segment or contact list into control and treatment groups, then running ads on the treatment group while holding out the control group.

Imagine splitting your audience into two teams: Team A (the treatment group) gets to see your latest ad campaign, while Team B (the control group) doesn't. After your campaign runs its course, you check the score by comparing revenues from both teams. The revenue gap between them - that's your campaign's 'lift' - shows you just how effective your advertising really was. The result? A clear, quantifiable lift in key performance indicators (KPIs) attributable to the specific campaign.

Getting the most for your ad bucks

The impact of testing across different marketing channels often surpasses the improvements made within any single channel. Consider a situation where a marketer diligently works to enhance email conversions over several months, only to realize a substantial increase in effectiveness by diverting their efforts to a paid media platform like TikTok.

Lifesight supports this testing across multiple channels, including Facebook, Google, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest, allowing up to four ad channels to be tested simultaneously. Users can create segments using the segment builder or by uploading a contact list, choosing from a range of KPIs like Revenue, Orders, Add to Cart, Checkouts, and Digital Store Visits for their experiments.

Splitting the Impact

The real-world applications of Audience Split Testing are vast. Marketers can:

  • Quantify the true impact of their campaigns across different channels.
  • Optimize their marketing budgets by focusing on the most effective channels.
  • Run multiple experiments on various campaigns and audience segments.
  • Make data-driven decisions to enhance overall marketing effectiveness.

Getting Started

Getting started with Audience Split Testing is straightforward. Existing and new users can access this feature within the Experiments module of Lifesight. Try Audience Split Testing today and take the first step in transforming your marketing strategy.

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 Divide and Conquer: Maximize campaign results through Audience Split Testing