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Beyond the Click: Decoding the journey to conversion with Multi-Touch Attribution

Published On: 2023-12-07


While every marketer dreams of instant conversions with the first click, the truth is that such instances are rare. Now, the consumer's path to purchase is usually not a straight line but a winding road with multiple stops and starts and can last weeks or months. Spotting new and high-quality user channels now heavily relies on multi-channel attribution. With Lifesight’s advanced Multi-touch Attribution, say hello to smarter marketing and better returns – are you in?

Every touchpoint counts

The digital landscape today is fragmented and traditional approaches often lead to misleading attributions, resulting in ineffective budget allocations and strategies that fall short of their potential. By leveraging first-party data, Lifesight's MTA offers a crystal-clear picture of your marketing campaign's performance, ensuring every dollar spent is an investment toward success.

Predicting success with Multi-Touch Attribution

The benefits of multi-touch attribution are plentiful. For one, it’s an accurate, comprehensive view of the customer journey. For another, it lets you understand how those multiple channels interact with one another.

For example, when a brand’s new shoe campaign crosses paths with Instagram, Facebook, and email, Lifesight's Multi-Touch Attribution steps in to credit each interaction, showcasing the power of your multi-channel strategy.

When you use it to optimize your marketing strategy, you can focus on the most impactful channels and tactics. This detailed buyer journey data enables companies to create strategies to target the right customers with the right content at every step of their journey. That’ll not only lead to better ROI, but more accurate information about how all channels perform—not just the last click in the chain.

Feature Spotlight: Dive into what makes us unique

Lifesight's Multi-Touch Attribution is an all-encompassing, privacy-safe platform. It harnesses your first-party data to provide a comprehensive view of marketing campaign effectiveness across all channels.

Our dashboard offers a clear view of this journey, starting with Stage 1, where you can see initial touchpoints like WhatsApp and Instagram, and crucial metrics such as Conversion Value (CV) and Average Order Value (AOV).

With over 100 touchpoints to monitor, MTA allows for an in-depth analysis of which channels are driving conversions, helping to tailor strategies between acquiring new customers and re-engaging existing ones. This insight allows for more targeted retargeting campaigns and smarter budget allocation

Where Benefits Meet Business Reality

  • Boost Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): See real-time, channel-specific ROAS, allowing for on-the-fly budget adjustments and creative refreshes.
  • Resolve Attribution Conflicts: Overcome the limitations of biased in-platform reporting with our unbiased, multi-touch attribution tool.
  • Insightful Performance Reporting: Obtain transparent reports on various campaign levels, from channel to creative, to fine-tune your strategies.
  • Enhanced Product Strategy: Understand how each order and product performs across different channels for strategic promotion planning.

Where to Begin

It's easy to integrate Lifesight's Multi-Touch Attribution into your existing setup. With one-click integrations to over 250 apps, including major ad platforms like Facebook, Google, and TikTok, you're just moments away from unlocking the full potential of your marketing data. Don’t just take our word for it. Experience the uplift in ROAS and reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) firsthand.

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Beyond the Click: Decoding the journey to conversion with Multi-Touch Attribution