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Understand your customers better with Profile Insights

Published On: 2023-07-25


Understand your customers better with Profile Insights

Analyzing customer metrics is a crucial aspect of understanding your audience and improving their experiences with your brand. With Profile Insights, use this information to make informed, intuitive campaigns. Through this, not only meet but exceed their expectations, and  to increased loyalty and revenue.

What is it?

Get an overview of your customer profile data, including the campaigns associated with the profile, campaign performance (opens, delivered, etc.), tags, segments, consent, devices, and more.

By analyzing key metrics related to your customers' touchpoints and journeys, you can gain invaluable insights into their behaviors and preferences. Armed with this comprehensive understanding, you can take steps to hyper-personalize their experiences and create more impactful interactions. This can include tailoring your marketing messages to specific customer segments or even offering personalized product recommendations

How does it work?

Navigate to Profiles under Data. Now click on an individual profile to view details such as Campaigns associated with the profile, campaign metrics, segments associated with a profile, etc.

Through this, never miss out on a holistic picture of your customer profiles, their performance and interactions with your marketing initiatives.