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Trace your customer's path to conversion

Published On: 2024-01-18


Your campaign may have secured a prime spot on a billboard or found its way into someone's feed, but does this visibility truly reveal what your customers seek? In an ideal world, we could tap directly into their thoughts, decoding their needs and preferences with ease. While mind-reading remains a far-fetched desire, Lifesight offers the next best thing: an accurate customer journey representation for deep insights into customer behavior, bringing you as close as possible to understanding their patterns.

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When it comes to customer journeys, it's the results that truly matter. Inaccurate attribution has long been a challenge for businesses, affecting the ability to allocate marketing budgets well. This often results in suboptimal choices and missed revenue opportunities. Traditional metrics for evaluating in-channel performance often fall short, as they fail to capture the intricate impacts of various channels.

Our in-app Customer Journeys module is designed to prioritize results. It offers insight into the customer's path to purchase, enabling businesses to make informed decisions that drive meaningful engagement.

A glimpse into customer journey analytics

The process from product awareness to purchase is not as simple as it may seem. Customer paths to purchase are non-linear, spanning multiple channels and adding unidentified incremental value to your sales funnel. We've simplified this complex set of journeys so you can view:

  • Aggregated journeys: Get a simplified, aggregated view of journeys for all your visitors, with distinct touchpoints and their value. This update combines individual customer journeys into one, offering a complete view of touchpoints across journeys, regardless of their order. This table not only reveals the most lucrative paths in terms of revenue but also highlights the quickest routes to conversion.
  • Refined filtering options: Tailoring insights becomes effortless with options to filter journeys based on the number of touchpoints. This customization empowers marketers to focus on specific segments of the customer journey that are most relevant to their goals and KPIs.
  • Linear Multi-Touch Attribution with adjustable lookback period: Make a thorough and relevant analysis child's play using the flexibility to select the lookback period with a balanced attribution view.
  • Event exploration beyond purchase: Diving deeper than just purchase events, this feature enables exploration of top-of-the-funnel events. It's a gateway to understanding the initial stages of the customer journey, offering insights into which channels or touchpoint combinations drive early customer engagement.

Optimizing customer paths to purchase

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Wondering how this feature goes beyond analysis? Customer journeys help you:

  • Identify and optimize high-value paths: By understanding which journeys lead to the highest revenue or the fastest conversions, marketers can strategically allocate resources to the most effective touchpoints. Consider offering incentives to drive higher conversions earlier in the journey.
  • Focus analysis on specific sections of the journey: The flexibility to filter and focus on specific journey segments or events allows for a tailored analytical approach, aligning perfectly with varied marketing objectives.
  • Gain holistic insights with event exploration: By examining both the initial and final stages of the customer journey, businesses can craft a well-rounded strategy that covers the entire spectrum of customer interactions.

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Trace your customer's path to conversion