Product Updates

Never run out of content and image ideas with AI-enabled Email Suite

Published On: 2023-07-25


AI-enabled Email Builder

We’re excited to announce that our Email Builder is AI-enabled. This means easier ways to get content or design inspirations for your messages through AI.

When creating an Email or SMS campaign, writing copies is a must. Once you lay down your narrative, trying to refine it takes time and effort. This is why with our AI-writer, you can easily rephrase and re-write sentences for headers, body text, CTA buttons and more.

Choose your story with content that re-writes itself

Don’t worry about spending time in writing and refining your content before sending it out - there are various sentence suggestions for Headers and CTAs that would help elevate your content. Let our AI-writer do the hard work for you - choose from suggestions to generate copies in minutes.

Create beautiful AI images from texts

Apart from content, you can now generate AI images from text prompts right in the builder. Your prompts can be as customized as possible and suitable for your brand goals. For instance: Designing an image with hues tone sky and kids playing with football.

Elements in the builder

  1. Smart AI text-to-image generator: Generate images from text prompts, customize it to your liking
  2. AI Smart Headings: Re-write your email headers and get inspirations
  3. AI subject lines and pre-header assist: Get inspirations and re-write subject lines & pre-headers to maximize open rates
  4. AI Smart buttons: Find CTA button inspirations that makes people want to click.

How does it work?

When creating a campaign, navigate to the email builder. Now click on the Content Block to view the Heading, Image, and Button tabs. Drag-n-drop them in the email builder. Now click on the element, and navigate on the left side to ‘Get Suggestions’. Choose from various content types to inspire you.

For images, click on Generate Images, type your desired text and see the magic unfold.