In Conversation With Our Senior Marketing Specialist – Aditya Rajnarayan

In Conversation With Our Senior Marketing Specialist – Aditya Rajnarayan
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Keeping to our promise from last time the next member of Team Lifesight that we are featuring for our Employee Connect is Aditya from the Marketing team.

Lifesight: For those who don’t know you, tell us a little about yourself.

Aditya: Hi there, my name is Aditya Rajnarayan and I am a marketing guy specialized in the digital side of things, but now expanding further towards both online and offline marketing to become more of a marketing generalist. I help promote Lifesight through a host of marketing activities.

L: So tell us, what do you do at Lifesight?

A: Being part of the marketing team, I have to establish a connect with every team to help promote Lifesight internally and externally. I ensure that our social media presence keeps growing with regular updates as well as ensure that our paid media (ads) activities are optimized and working. I also help out our sales team in ensuring all our marketing assets and guidebooks are created and curated with the help of our design team. I am also involved in employee and employer branding as part of internal marketing activities.

L: Can you describe your typical day at work?

A: Most of my day is spent in ensuring all the marketing activities that we have going on (of which there are a lot) are running smoothly, keep track of and handle any ad-hoc request from the other teams like Sales, Ad Ops, or HR,  Ensure that social posts go out daily, and our ads are optimized regularly. A small part of my day is also spent on learning new things within the marketing ecosystem to grow myself as a professional.

L: You mentioned that you were a part of the marketing team. So, what does your team focus on?

A: My team is a lean mean marketing machine and works on ways to help propel Lifesight as a brand and generate new business. We help create demand for our products, boost our company’s brand through thought-provoking content and effective PR, build strong industry connections and associations, etc. We are a highly cross-functional team, connecting with every other team in the organization from sales to product to HR and of course, our fabulous tech team.

L: Finally, what do you like most about working at Lifesight?

A: There are three main aspects that I truly enjoy about working in Lifesight. They are:

  1. The Growth – There is tremendous room for growth and opportunities to learn new things
  2. The Team – Everyone brings about a varied wealth of experience in their respective fields which brings about some fun conversations
  3. Work-Life Balance – While the work is challenging, I am able to also have time to spend with my family and friends, which I am really grateful for

And that was our marketing specialist Aditya Rajnarayan. A sociable person whose various interests both professionally and personally makes him a hard person to miss in Lifesight.

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