Web to App Conversion Rate

The web to app conversion rate is vital for e-commerce businesses. It shows how many website visitors opt to download the mobile app, indicating user preference.

The web to app conversion rate is a crucial measure for any ecommerce business with a mobile app. It is an essential metric that delineates the ratio between the number of visitors that visit a business’s website and the number that decides to download its mobile app. This measure is a vital reflection of the potential customers' preference for app-based interaction with the brand rather than using the brand’s mobile or desktop website.


Web to App Conversion Rate = (Number of App Installs / Number of Website Visitors) * 100%


  • Suppose an ecommerce website gets 1000 visitors in a day, and out of them, 200 decide to download the app. The web to app conversion rate would be:
  • (200 / 1000) * 100 = 20%

Why is Web to App Conversion Rate important?

The web to app conversion rate reflects potential customer preference for the brand's app. It provides insight into the effectiveness of the brand in encouraging customers to engage with them through their app, optimally designed for ease of use and personalized user experience. A higher conversion rate may also suggest superior user experience on the app, which could strengthen customer loyalty.

Which factors impact Web to App Conversion Rate?

Several factors can impact the web to app conversion rate, including website and app design, value proposition, brand trust, and customer's device preference. App performance and its perceived advantages compared to the website also significantly impact the conversion rate.

How can Web to App Conversion Rate be improved?

Improve the web to app conversion rate by using tools such as deep linking, which directly leads visitors to the app page when they click on an associated link. Offering a seamless, user-friendly experience, providing rewards for app downloads, and running effective app-install campaigns can also contribute to a higher conversion rate.

What is Web to App Conversion Rate's relationship with other metrics?

The web to app conversion rate directly correlates with other ecommerce metrics, including Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Average Order Value (AOV). Improved user experience through dedicated apps often leads to higher CLV and AOV as customers tend to stick with and spend more on brands that offer superior interfaces and seamless transactions.

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