Share of Social Traffic

Share of Social Traffic gauges the influence of social media on website traffic. Knowing this metric increases the effectiveness of social media campaigns and helps businesses leverage social media to its full potential.

Make no mistake, social media marketing contributes significantly to the success of businesses. This is mainly because of the immense popularity of social media as an integral part of the online market and its potential for targeting new customers. A metric that determines exactly how well is an important part of growing a business. Knowing the share of social traffic is extremely important as it helps marketers and business owners to gauge and leverage the online presence of their products and services.


Share of Social Traffic= (Social Media Traffic/Total Website Traffic) × 100%


  • Let's say you have an e-commerce website, and in a given month, you receive 5,000 visitors in total. Out of these, 1,200 visitors came from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • To calculate the Share of Social Traffic:
  • Share of Social Traffic = (1200/1500) x 100% = 24%

Why is Share of Social Traffic important?

Share of Social Traffic is an important metric as it measures the success of social media campaigns and helps businesses understand which social platforms are driving the most visitors to the website. Knowing this information is essential in order to improve the success of digital campaigns and make the most of their social media presence. Furthermore, this metric provides insights into the traffic on the website, which can be used to answer questions such as which social media platforms are driving more visitors and which campaigns are more successful.

Which factors impact Share of Social Traffic?

Boost "Share of Social Traffic" by creating engaging content, posting consistently, using relevant hashtags, engaging with followers, investing in paid ads, and collaborating with influencers. Test and track performance, leverage user-generated content, and explore cross-promotion for wider reach and better engagement.

How can Share of Social Traffic be improved?

One of the main factors that impacts the Share of Social Traffic metric is content. Content is one of the most vital components of social media success, and content that resonates with viewers is more likely to result in more website visits. Additionally, the frequency of posting also plays an important role in the success of social media campaigns. Fresh content is more likely to drive more visits, so businesses should ensure that they are regularly posting engaging content on their social media channels. The level of competition also significantly affects this metric, as businesses that are in a highly competitive sector will have a more difficult time gaining visitors from social media.

What is Share of Social Traffic's relationship with other metrics?

Share of Social Traffic has a direct correlation with a few other ecommerce metrics, such as Conversion Rate, Average Order Value, and Social Shares. The stronger the Share of Social Traffic metric, the higher the level of user engagement and the stronger the Conversion Rate. Additionally, if the number of social shares for a post or piece of content is high, this means that it is engaging a large number of users and is more likely to draw in more website traffic.

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