Share of Email traffic

Share of Email Traffic is a vital e-commerce metric which provides insight into the effectiveness of email campaigns compared to other traffic sources.

Businesses need to measure the effectiveness of their email campaigns — but how? Share of Email Traffic is one important e-commerce metric to help you understand the impact of your email campaigns relative to the other traffic sources. By analyzing the Share of Email Traffic, you can get a better sense of the success of your email campaigns and adjust accordingly.


Share of Email traffic = Total amount of traffic brought through email campaigns / the total amount of traffic


If 100 total visits were sent to your website and 60 of those visits were through an email campaign, the Share of Email Traffic would be 60%.

Why is Share of Email traffic important?

Share of Email Traffic is important because it can be used to assess the efficiency of email campaigns. If the percentage is low, it could be an indication that you should adjust your email strategies. Maybe you should focus more on subject lines, segment your email lists, target a more relevant audience, or change your call-to-actions.

Which factors impact Share of Email traffic?

Share of Email Traffic is not necessarily an isolated metric in e-commerce. Its impact is determined by several other factors. These may include website design, website navigation, competitor pricing, and availability of products. All of these play a role in determining how many visitors will convert after they enter your site from an email link.

How can Share of Email traffic be improved?

The most obvious way to improve Share of Email Traffic is to focus on the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Make sure they’re targeted to the appropriate audience, the email copy is engaging, and the CTAs are compelling. It’s also a good idea to track the response of your recipients and adjust your email campaigns based on those metrics.

What is Share of Email traffic's relationship with other metrics?

Share of Email Traffic is interconnected with other e-commerce metrics. It’s closely related to key metrics such as Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate, and Average Order Value. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to improve Share of Email Traffic, evaluate the aforementioned metrics as well to determine where improvements can be made.

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