Retention rate

Retention rate in e-commerce indicates the percentage of retained customers over time, reflecting loyalty, satisfaction, and engagement effectiveness.

Retention rate in the domain of ecommerce refers to the percentage of customers that a business manages to retain or with which it maintains an ongoing relationship over a specific time period. This is typically calculated on the basis of repeat purchases. Retention rate, in essence, provides an insight into customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and the efficacy of customer engagement strategies. With healthy retention rates, businesses can achieve sustainable growth without heavily relying on acquiring new customers.


The basic formula to calculate the Retention Rate is: Retention Rate = ((CE-CN)/CS) * 100 where CE = number of customers at end of period, CN = number of new customers acquired during period, CS = number of customers at start of period.


Assuming a business had 100 customers at the start of the month, acquired 20 new customers, and at the end of the month has 90 customers. So the retention rate is ((90-20)/100) * 100 = 70%.

Why is Retention rate important?

Retention rate is a key performance indicator for an ecommerce business. It helps gauge customer loyalty, product quality, and the effectiveness of customer service. Retaining existing customers is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, which subsequently equates to better profit margins. High retention rates can also incite word-of-mouth marketing, contributing to new customer acquisition without substantial advertising expenses.

Which factors impact Retention rate?

Improving retention rate involves enhancing customer engagement through personalized marketing and quality customer service. It could also include implementing loyalty programs, offering exceptional post-purchase support, and continuously refining the product based on customer feedback. Businesses must ensure transparent communication, secure checkout processes, and efficient delivery systems to increase customer retention.

How can Retention rate be improved?

Several factors can impact a business's retention rate. These include product quality, overall customer experience, customer service, pricing, competition, market dynamics, and the efficiency of the business's marketing strategy.

What is Retention rate's relationship with other metrics?

Retention rate directly impacts other key ecommerce metrics like purchase frequency, customer lifetime value (LTV), and overall sales. High customer retention often implies increased purchase frequency and high LTV. A healthy retention rate is seen in businesses that have a significant repeat customer ratio, driving their sales numbers.

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