Push notification

A push notification is a brief alert or message sent to a device's notifications bar without user initiation.

Push notifications are messages that pop up on mobile devices. App publishers can send them at any time, but they can only reach users who have the app installed. They can be highly personalized, offering app holders a direct communication line to the user's device screen. Push notifications serve various functions: they can announce the latest items, remind users about abandoned carts, or nudge them to check out the newest deals.


Examples of push notifications include modal pop-ups on websites for newsletters or app download prompts, or game notifications about new features or reminders to play.

Why is Push notification important?

Push notifications are an essential part of a robust ecommerce strategy. They allow businesses to directly communicate with users, improve user engagement, and drive conversions. Here's how:

  • Customer Engagement: Push notifications can quickly draw users' attention to value-adding activities such as exclusive sales or new product launches.
  • Retention: These notifications can remind dormant users about the app, thereby improving long-term user retention.
  • Conversion: Timely, personalized push notifications can drive users to complete abandoned transactions, increasing conversion rates.

Which factors impact Push notification?

  • Personalization: To improve engagement, personalize push notifications based on user behavior, preferences, and in-app actions.
  • Optimal Timing: Analyze user interaction times and send notifications at times when users are most active.
  • Relevant Content: Keep content relevant by analyzing user behavior and serving push notifications based on their actions and preferences.

How can Push notification be improved?

Several factors impact the effectiveness of push notifications, such as:

  • Frequency: Overdoing can lead to users disabling notifications.
  • Message Content: Clear, to-the-point messages yield better results.
  • Timing: The time when the notification is sent can significantly affect user engagement.

What is Push notification's relationship with other metrics?

Push notifications significantly impact key ecommerce metrics. For instance, by reminding users of abandoned carts, you can increase your conversion rate. Simultaneously, regular, engaging notifications can improve your customer retention rate, thereby increasing customer lifetime value.

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