Cost per order

Cost per order (CPO) is a metric that measures the cost required to acquire a customer, as well as the efficiency of purchase acquisition efforts.

Cost Per Order (CPO) represents the amount of money a business spends to acquire a single order. It's calculated by dividing total marketing costs by the number of orders received. This metric is crucial in gauging the effectiveness of marketing efforts and purchase acquisition strategies. A lower CPO indicates higher efficiency, meaning less money is spent to secure each order. Factors affecting CPO include advertising campaigns, website design, pricing, and customer retention programs. By tracking and optimizing CPO, businesses can improve profitability, make more informed decisions about their marketing budget, and increase overall operational efficiency.


CPO = (Total Cost of Acquisition) / (Number of Orders)


If your total cost of acquisition is $100 and the number of orders is 10, your CPO would be $10 per order.

Why is CPO important?

Cost per order is important to measure the efficiency of marketing campaigns. It allows you to compare the cost required to attract customers to purchase your products or services to the amount of revenue that you can generate from the purchase.

Which factors impact CPO?

The factors impacting this metric are the cost of acquiring a single customer, as well as the number of orders made. The cost of acquiring a customer can include anything from advertising fees to customer service costs, and will thus have an effect on the overall cost per order.

How can CPO be improved?

To improve Cost Per Order (CPO):Enhance conversion rates by optimizing your website and sales funnel.Target your advertising to likely buyers.Upsell and cross-sell to increase average order value.Focus on customer retention to reduce acquisition costs.Leverage referral programs for cost-effective customer acquisition.

What is CPO's relationship with other metrics?

Cost per order is closely related to other acquisition metrics, such as cost per click (CPC) and cost per acquisition (CPA). An increase in any of these three metrics can signify an inefficient use of resources, and should be monitored closely. Additionally, CPO can be used to measure the effectiveness of various marketing tactics, as well as to compare the cost and return of each campaign.

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