Branded traffic

Branded traffic refers to website visitors who arrive using terms related to your brand name in search engines.

In the realm of digital marketing, Branded traffic, also known as brand-specific traffic, pertains to visitors who use your company's brand name or terminologies associated with your brand while performing a search in search engines. Instead of landing on your eCommerce webpage through generic keywords or through other non-brand-specific channels, these visitors explicitly search for your brand which signifies their familiarity with your brand or products.


Branded Traffic = (Number of Branded Sessions / Total Number of Sessions) * 100


  • Suppose you own an eCommerce store called "StylishApparel". In a given month, you have 10,000 total sessions on your website. Out of these, you determine through your Google Analytics keyword data that 4,000 sessions came from search queries containing "StylishApparel" or variations of it.
  • Using the formula, your Branded Traffic Percentage would be:
  • Branded Traffic Percentage = (4,000 / 10,000) * 100 = 40%
  • So, 40% of your website's traffic for that month was branded traffic, meaning it came from users who were specifically searching for your brand.

Why is Branded traffic important?

Branded traffic lies at the heart of eCommerce businesses as it denotes a level of recognition and loyalty towards your eCommerce brand. The customers are not just looking for a product; they are looking for a product offered specifically by your brand. It is closely tied to brand awareness, recall, and loyalty factors that significantly influence purchase decisions. It also signifies trust and customer confidence in your brand as they prefer your brand over numerous other generic options available in the market.

Which factors impact Branded traffic?

Branded traffic can be impacted by numerous factors. Brand reputation, customer service, product quality, overall buyer's experience, online reviews, competition, pricing strategy, and effectiveness of your branding campaigns are among the major factors.

How can Branded traffic be improved?

Improving branded traffic involves strengthening your brand presence and recognition. This can be achieved by focus on brand-driven marketing strategies including consistent messaging, unique logo, engaging content, memorable slogans, and strong presence across various advertising platforms. Furthermore, branded keyword optimization in SEO, strong social media strategy, customer-friendly website design, and excellent customer service can significantly enhance your branded traffic.

What is Branded traffic's relationship with other metrics?

Branded traffic strongly correlates with eCommerce performance metrics like conversion rates and customer lifetime value. High branded traffic usually leads to higher conversion rates as these are visitors already aware of and interested in your brand. It can also lead to better customer retention rates, as brand recognition often drives repeat purchases.

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