Abandoned orders in App

Uncover reasons for abandoned orders in your app to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates. Analyze incomplete transactions for revenue growth.

Abandoned orders in app refer to shopping carts that customers have added products to but haven't completed the checkout process. Abandonment can be due to various reasons, including unexpected charges, complex checkout processes, and usability issues. As an e-commerce analyst, understanding and analyzing these incomplete transactions help businesses identify areas for improvement, increase conversion rates, and boost revenue potential.


Suppose an e-commerce app recorded 1000 orders, out of which 800 were completed, and 200 were abandoned. The abandoned orders in the app rate would be:Abandoned Orders in App Rate (%) = (200 / (200+800)) x 100 = 20%

Why is Abandoned orders in App important?

  • Identify areas for improvement in the checkout process or overall app experience.
  • Assess reasons for abandonment and address them proactively.
  • Understand customer behavior and preferences, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Estimate loss in potential revenue and formulate marketing strategies to recover lost sales.

Which factors impact Abandoned orders in App?

  • App usability and design: Complex navigation and unresponsive design can lead to frustration and abandonment.
  • Pricing and shipping charges: Hidden or unexpected costs can deter customers from completing a purchase.
  • Payment options: Limited or inconvenient methods might compel users to abandon their carts.
  • Security concerns: Users may abandon transactions if they are unsure of the app's trustworthiness and safety protocols.
  • Promotion or discount unavailability: If customers cannot apply a promo code or avail a discount, they may leave without purchasing.

How can Abandoned orders in App be improved?

  • Simplify the checkout process by asking for minimal information and reducing steps.
  • Allow guest checkouts to avoid forcing users to create an account.
  • Offer multiple payment options, ensuring customers find a convenient method available.
  • Display clear pricing, shipping charges, and delivery times to avoid surprises.
  • Implement abandoned cart email or push notification reminders to encourage users to complete their transactions.
  • Optimize the app to ensure smooth navigation and loading speed.
  • Incorporate reviews and customer testimonials for building trust.

What is Abandoned orders in App's relationship with other metrics?

  • Cart Abandonment Rate: Abandoned orders in the app contribute to the overall cart abandonment rate across all platforms.
  • Conversion Rate: By reducing abandoned orders in the app, businesses can improve their overall conversion rate.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: Reducing abandoned orders in the app can positively impact CLV by ensuring customers complete transactions and increase the probability of repeat purchases.
  • Revenue: Reducing abandoned orders in the app can lead to increased revenue, as more visitors complete their purchases.

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