Are You Optimizing Your Programmatic Measurements Strategy?

Published On: 28 Jun 2023


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Find three often-overlooked routes to optimize programmatic advertising success. Learn how Lifesight's platform can enrich your metrics and measurements.

Brands across the world are talking about how advertisers have to pivot to adapt to a cookie-less world. Brands that want to be customer-centric need to put in more effort and thought to capture and retain customer attention. How? By using a more nuanced approach to customer identity.

However, brands often have a misplaced focus on specific metrics, thus preventing them from effectively measuring the success in programmatic advertising. This leads to inefficient utilization of finances and plenty of missed opportunities to emphasize on KPIs that truly matter.

On the other hand, optimized programmatic can boost conversions and brand perceptions. Lifesight wants to provide you with three oft-ignored routes that a business can take to achieve the desired results.

Onboard Your Customer Data or Match with First-party Data Publishers

Independently collecting and compiling first-party data is no mean feat. Building scalable data sets that can generate actionable insights requires complex resources. Lifesight has help at hand. With the right customer intelligence platforms, you can onboard your customer data and glean sharp insights about the performance of your advertising campaigns.

Advertisers can also symbiotically benefit from publishers who are bound to collect information from their visitors and subscribers. This data can prove to be valuable in a time when third-party cookies are no longer a source for advertisers.

Non-traditional Metrics to the Rescue!

Conventional advice dictates that advertisers must look at clicks, click-through rates, conversion rates, and so on. But before jumping on this bandwagon, it is crucial to give the following question a thought - which metrics truly align with your business goals?

For example, if your goal is to increase sales, is site visits a suitable criterion? Has monitoring site visits optimized your campaign, or is tracking visits the equivalent of beating a dead horse?

Instead of tracking the number of site visits, a successful metric could be the actual duration a visitor spends on the site or ad. This could then help streamline other strategies with a focus on those who have recorded a longer "time on an ad." This approach would be more effective than targeting everyone who visits the site because we don't know whether they accidentally clicked or were genuinely interested. 

Insights to Be Gathered from Brand Lift

Capturing perceptions related to brand awareness and ad recall is rewarding. 

This can help outline your advertising interventions in terms of the frequency of certain ads over others and identify which target audiences are scoring high in brand awareness and which ads trigger a shift in consumer behaviour.

These insights will amass greater value than tracking clicks. Further, consumer perception can be shaped by also tracking incremental related searches. All of these insights will power your digital campaigns.

We Can Help!

A post-cookie world need not be akin to an apocalypse. Hit us up to get a demo on how you can reorient your customer data to incorporate metrics that will help you measure the success of your programmatic efforts.

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