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Must-have Shopify Marketing Apps for Your DTC Store in 2023

Published On: 19 Jan 2023


Here are 10 different tools that can boost sales on your Shopify store. We hope this is helpful as you build out your ecommerce marketing stack.

Shopify marketing apps for an online store can help with tasks such as email marketing, social media marketing, advertising and much more. These apps can automate and streamline marketing efforts, allowing store owners to reach a larger audience and increase sales.

Additionally, Shopify marketing apps can provide valuable insights and analytics to help store owners better understand their customers and improve their marketing strategies.

In this article, we'll go through 10 different tools that can boost sales on your Shopify store. We hope this is helpful as you build out your ecommerce marketing stack.

1) Email and SMS marketing - Lifesight Engage


Email and SMS are the most critical parts of any marketing campaign, whether you're running a small online store or a multimillion-dollar D2C brand. Both these marketing channels are necessary at every point of the customer journey, from attracting and engaging to retaining customers.

With the help of a customer data and engagement platform like Lifesight, ecommerce brands can easily automate flow messages at every customer touchpoint.

Lifesight also offers customer segmentation based on their behavior that can be used to send hyper-personalized messages. It also offers enterprise-level data capabilities for SMBs and has an analytics layer on top.

Who is using Lifesight? Zvatra


Source - Zvatra

Looking for eco-friendly, hand-roasted, stone-ground peanut butter? That's what you get when you buy it from Zvatra.

They aim to use native, healthy foods as a way to bridge the gap between our modern time schedules and our nutritional needs. Also, it's worth mentioning that their peanut butter is an all-natural spread.

2) Landing page builder - Unbounce


Source - Unbounce

If you want to make sure your landing page designs and copies are optimized then getting a landing page builder tool is the right approach. It allows you to try out several versions of your offer, as well as variations on your headline and body copy, to see which ones result in higher conversion rates.

With Shopify marketing apps like Unbounce, ecommerce brands can get more out of every click. Because it enables marketers to create and optimize landing pages that are focused on a single purpose rather than letting users to roam around a site full of distractions.

Who is using Unbounce? Three Ships


Source -Three Ships

All of Three Ships skin care products are manufactured with cruelty-free, all-natural ingredients. They aim at keeping all their products under $40 USD permanently, and none are released to customers unless they have been proven effective by scientific studies.

3) Payments - Afterpay


Source - Afterpay

Chargeback and fraudulent transactions are less likely to occur when you use a payment gateway for your online store. They offer numerous advantages to customers, including convenience, speed, security, adaptability, and simplicity.

Online retailers that offer Afterpay get paid immediately. It's like a modern-day credit card with an interest-free period. Also, their "buy-now-pay-later" platform allows customers to pay for their purchases over four, fortnightly installments.

Who is using Afterpay? Glossier


Source - Glossier

Glossier creates cosmetics that work with your actual beauty routine. All of their cosmetics, from skincare to makeup to body care to fragrance, have been fine-tuned to perfection and are worthy of being displayed on your dresser.

4) SEO - SEO Manager


Source - SEO Manager

Search engine optimization (SEO) tools, helps you can find relevant keywords and research for terms your competitors are using to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERP).

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A simple-to-use Shopify marketing app, SEO Manager allows online retailers to take control of how search engines see their store, and gives them real-time feedback about the success (or failure) of their search engine optimization efforts.

Who is using SEO Manger? Nugget


Source - Nugget

Nugget is a play couch made of four foam pieces that are both a toy and a piece of furniture. It's soft, squishy, and strong, and kids of all ages love it because they can change it into many different shapes.

5) Review generation - Stamped


Source - Stamped

Smart marketers would already know that displaying reviews on individual product pages is a simple way to gain exposure for your reviews and increase sales.

D2C brands can gather feedback from customers more effectively by using Shopify marketing apps like Some of its coolest features include a review request form for Facebook messenger and an email-based review capture system.

Who is using Standard Dose


Source - Standard Dose

Standard Dose aims at improving people's health by offering a carefully chosen selection of CBD and plant-based products that have been thoroughly tested. They believe that plants have the power to heal, energize, and feed us, and that to live well, we need to change the way we think, act, and do things every day.

6) Business analytics - Triple Whale


Source - Triple Whale

The good and the bad aspects of your site's performance can be better understood with the help of an ecommerce business analytics tool. The discoveries made by using such tools can remove the element of subjectivity and chance from website optimization and help to reveal previously unseen room for growth and new ideas.

Consider using tools like Triple Whale that provides ecommerce brands with a view of all the meaningful data on a customizable dashboard or mobile app. In addition, Triple Whale pixel gives accurate first/last-click attribution that helps in increasing the ROI on ad spends.

Who is using Triple Whale? DRNXMYTH



Created by actual bartenders, DRNXMYTH is a ready-to-drink handcrafted beverage built with unique cocktail technology.

The bottle's two compartments serve to isolate the fresh components from the alcoholic liquids. DRNXMYTH has many different flavors, including the traditional margarita and the coffee mint mojito.

7) Retargeting - pushowl


Source - pushowl

Competition for customers' attention in the ever-evolving world of D2C marketing requires not only a large quantity of high-quality content but also a proactive approach.

Utilizing retargeting strategy, D2C brands can harness the power of showcasing their products more frequently to potential customers, which ultimately raises the possibility of a purchase.

Pushowl, a web push notifications tool, makes it simple to retarget desktop and mobile visitors by sending messages after they have left your store.

Who is using pushowl? CLMBR


Source - CLMBR

CLMBR aims to usher in a new era in the climbing machine market through their cutting-edge technology and innovative design. All of their products are designed and engineered while keeping the end user in mind.

8) Instagram Shopping and UGC - Foursixty


Source -Foursixty

Did you know Instagram generates 4x more interactions than Facebook?

Instagram happens to be the most popular channel for D2C marketing since it facilitates the most effective visual publishing possibilities and generates substantial user engagement.

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Through Foursixty, you can easily create shoppable galleries from your Instagram, UGC, and brand ambassador content to use in your ecommerce platform, email campaigns, and other marketing channels. In addition, you can schedule posts in advance, auto-publish to Instagram, protect user-generated content, and track influencers too.

Who is using Foursixty? Thirdlove


Source - ThirdLove

ThirdLove's bras are comfortable and well-made in more ways than one: they're made without tags, feature hook-and-eye closures that aren't scratchy thanks to foam padding, and come in a wide range of sizes.

9) Rewards and Loyalty -

Source -

Customer loyalty programs are a form of marketing and customer retention that seeks out and compensates customers for their continued patronage. They encourage repeat business from current customers.

Motivated by a desire to feel appreciated, customers participate in customer loyalty programs in the hopes of earning discounts, rebates, and other benefits in exchange for their continued business.

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A loyalty management software like provides a centralized hub for brands to launch different referral initiatives. Thanks to its flexible and engaging reward system, has proven to be very popular among its user base. Companies with any level of technical expertise can use this tool to its full potential.

Who is using Birchbox


Source - Birchbox

Birchbox is a New York City-based monthly subscription brand that sends its customers a box containing 4-5 carefully curated makeup or beauty product samples. They offer skincare products, fragrances, organic bases, and other cosmetics items.

10) Customer Support - Gorgias


Source - Gorgias

Did you know that "Where Is My Order (WISMO)" is the #1 question asked by ecommerce users? Also, about 95% of customers believe that great customer service is essential to maintaining brand loyalty. So if you don't pay attention to ecommerce customer service, it could be a huge mistake.

Integrating with customer support apps like Gorgias and enabling their self-service portal on your chat is a great way to speed up the resolution of WISMO queries.

Your customers will appreciate being able to check in on the progress of their orders, including their tracking information and delivery details, without having to contact you. That is to say, you can fulfill customers' information needs without ever having to talk to them.

Who is using Gorgias? SolidState


Source - SolidState

Solid State is an Australian brand that provides a wax base in all its grooming products for maximum potency. They manufacture a whole range of personal care items including shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, cleanser, and cologne.

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