Lifesight 3.0 is Here: A Growing Global Team, World Class Solutions, ROI-Insured Customer Success and More
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Lifesight 3.0 is Here: A Growing Global Team, World Class Solutions, ROI-Insured Customer Success and More

And we welcomed it all at the recent Lifesight Sales Summit 2023 in our very own Bangalore. Read on to know more about what we've been up to and what's coming up in the Lifesight quarters in 2023 and beyond.

When you've been in the business for as long as we have, in an industry that doesn’t stop for anyone, evolution is not a choice anymore. Instead, it's both the cause and effect of growth. The theme of the recently concluded Lifesight Sales Summit 2023 was precisely this evolution, a journey that makes us all proud. Picture this: our revenue grew by a whopping 240% in 2022 alone!

Lifesight's global team has grown too, with many seasoned leaders and data, technology, consumer insight, marketing and customer success experts joining the ranks. With a brand-new office in Bangalore, 2023 seemed like a great time to bring all Lifesighters to the Silicon Valley of the East. The city's famous microbreweries sealed that plan!

We're ready to spill the beans on everything that went down at the Lifesight Sales Summit 2023.

Lifesight 3.0: Data at the front and center

Lifesight's origins were in data: from precise location intelligence infusing the "power of where" into marketing to holistic customer intelligence empowering distinct strategies, accurate targeting and holistic measurements with the "power of who." It's all been about data - first, second, third, zero, alternative - you name it.

At the 2023 Sales Summit, Rajeev Nair, VP - Products and Tapan Desai, Platform Product Manager, introduced the team to the various new solutions and features we have launched on the foundation of this data and the long-term plans for both go-to-market and product evolution.

Lifesight 3.0 brings powerful new features, and data use cases and platform modules to raise the adtech and decisioning game for contemporary organizations. It spans:

Sure, the data use cases have evolved significantly since we launched in 2017 - and that's the reason and effect of the hyper-growth we have seen over the last half-decade. But what has stayed consistent is our commitment to make marketing and advertising, and entire enterprises and agencies, more data-driven and efficient, precise, measurable and accountable. 

Brands, agencies, and enterprises using Lifesight 2.0 were already:

  • Making better, customer-first decisions and strategies for assured impact and growth 
  • Achieving targeting precision across omnichannel campaign efforts
  • Measuring not clicks but real-world business outcomes in an ad and marketing ecosystem that's increasingly demanding more accountability

With Lifesight 3.0, it all gets better. Better UX and features for users. And more precision, accountability and measurability for enterprises, brands and agencies.

Co-founder & CEO Tobin Thomas and regional leaders Tom Gregory (Australia), Koko Zarov and Cory P (North America) spoke about Lifesight's long-term strategic goals and the one-team yet hyper-local approach to achieving those goals across geographies.

From sales to success: committed to higher ROI for Lifesight customers

Customer success is a powerful growth engine for SaaS enterprises like Lifesight. Our legendary customer success team has been responsible for Lifesight customers making the most of their investments with us.

With Lifesight 3.0, our commitment to customer success and ROI gets sharper and more customized for individual brand and agency needs. At the Summit, Manager - RevOps, Pratik Lahiri and Global Director of Key Accounts Dre Wong elaborated on Lifesight's CS team and sales and technology experts working closely with brands and agencies to understand their revenue and marketing ROI goals and ensure enterprise-wide success with our solutions. 

Pratik and Dre also spoke about efficiency improvement opportunities through automation and a consistent finger on the CS pulse so Lifesight continues to deliver more and deliver better on customers’ big picture goals.

Expanding footprint with a growing team and brand-new strategies

Lifesighters have global ambitions. It's rooted in our commitment to the success of our customers and partner community and our team

Nilofer Maideen - Sr Manager, Marketing, joined Pratik in highlighting the marketing agenda for 2023 in that it's going to span the entire customer journey while staying rooted in customer success with actionable content, increased awareness and usage of Lifesight solutions for improved customer ROI and education through customer- and industry heavyweight-led events.

Pratik, along with Client Partner Manager Sandeep S & Product Marketing Manager Kumar Shivam, discussed Lifesight's aggressive team expansion and enablement plans to meet those aspirations. 

PS: We're always looking for great talent across roles and functions in our key markets, North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the larger APAC region.

Click here to check out the latest openings across the globe. 

And meet the rockstar team here.

Beer and more

But it wasn't all serious business. We caught up over beer and cricket, got to know our global community of Lifesighters better and returned home excited about all that's coming up in the months and years ahead.

Exciting times ahead. Onwards & upwards!

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