Lemnisk and Lifesight Enter Partnership to Help Enterprises Enrich Their First-Party Data
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Lemnisk and Lifesight Enter Partnership to Help Enterprises Enrich Their First-Party Data

Lifesight’s Real World API will enhance Lemnisk’s CDP offering with customer data enrichment and insights capabilities in the Asia Pacific Region

Singapore — Lemnisk, a leading customer data platform for enterprises, today announced a new joint capability with Lifesight, a leading provider of real-world intelligence for enterprises in the Asia Pacific region (APAC).
With full integration of the Real World API, Lifesight’s privacy-safe real-world intelligence data solution, and Lemnisk’s CDP, enterprises across APAC can benefit from getting richer insights about their customers that can then be actioned.
Through this integration, Lemnisk’s customers can opt to enrich and view aggregated customer insights to get a holistic omnichannel view of their customer’s online and offline behaviours. This helps them understand their customer journey as well as affinities, demographics, affluence among other insights.
Tobin Thomas, co-founder of Lifesight commented, “The connected consumer journey is becoming increasingly complex across multiple digital and physical touchpoints. Getting a more holistic view of this helps enterprises make better decisions and optimize marketing spend. We are excited to partner with Lemnisk to enable this much-needed data solution for all their customers.
Rahul Mathew, Vice President – Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Lemnisk added, “We are always looking to enrich our CDP by adding more data points that could give a refined customer one view. Lifesight’s Real World API integration helps us in enriching user data and deriving actionable insights that enable our clients to devise the perfect user journey for their customers.
To learn more about Lemnisk and their CDP offering, visit www.lemnisk.co

About Lemnisk

Lemnisk is an Intelligent and Secure Customer Data Platform built for marketers. Marketers leverage Lemnisk to maximize customer engagements and conversions across channels. The key capabilities include:
– CDP that uniquely resolves users across different data sources and channels.
– Intelligent orchestration of each customer’s journey based on one’s propensity towards a marketing channel and delivers higher engagement.
– Hyper-Personalization that creates a unique real-time marketing message and experience for each user across multiple marketing touch-points.

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