In Conversation With Our Data Analyst – Asha DB
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In Conversation With Our Data Analyst, Asha DB

Our next Employee Connect features Asha D B, an amiable analyst for data operations:
From starting off as a marketing intern to establishing herself as a full-timer, Asha has seen incredible growth in the short time that she’s been with us. She has demonstrated absolute resolve and put in a ton of effort which has impressed her peers and has made her valuable to the Lifesight team.
This is what she said about her role at Lifesight-
“My journey with Lifesight began as a marketing intern where my core responsibility was to help the team with their outreach strategies as well as to build the brand. I then shifted my focus to ensuring our SEO is up to scratch and boosting organic traffic. After a successful stint as a marketing intern, I moved on to being a full-time analyst for Lifesight’s elite Data operations team. To deliver in this role, I collaborate closely with various stakeholders from sales, tech, and customer success teams. I find this cross-functional collaboration to be the best aspect of my job since I get to work with such a dynamic group as well as get exposure to a range of perspectives, technical know-how, and priorities that all come together to deliver on our clients’ end goals.”
While Asha further aims to contribute valuable insights to the marketing team, she is extremely excited to play a role in the product team which is core to what Lifesight has to offer. When asked about her team, she said-
The product team is an important medium between the tech team and our clients. We play a definitive role in ensuring that our clients get exactly what they ask for and find success.”
Adding to her experience at Lifesight, Asha told us what she thinks makes Lifesight stand out as a great place to work-
“After graduating, I took a few months off before working which I felt put me at a disadvantage. But Lifesight looked beyond that and was eager to give me a platform to prove my skills and hone them further. I am extremely grateful to them for this opportunity. Being here has helped me develop not just professionally but personally as well. I didn’t know anything about Location Intelligence before joining Lifesight. I’ve learnt a lot in such a short time from my colleagues here who have been nothing but helpful and brilliant.”
Asha is modest and soft-spoken, but we all know her as a positive person who is always focused and very determined to bring the best version of herself to her work.
If you would like to work with Asha and be a part of a dynamic and fast-growing team here at Lifesight, check out our open positions at Lifesight Careers.

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