In Conversation with our Customer Success Manager Paulomi Roy
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In Conversation with our Customer Success Manager Paulomi Roy

Next up on our Lifesight’s Employee Connect feature is the bubbly bengali from the customer success team – Paulomi Roy

Lifesight: To those who don’t know you, who are you?

Paulomi: Hello, I am Paulomi. I am a customer success manager at Lifesight and I am involved in stitching various aspects of the customer journey and helping them have the best experience possible.

L: Tell us, what do you do at Lifesight?

P: As a CSM, I strive to provide clients value at every interaction starting with establishing clear goals and milestones that we and the customer will be working towards. I also liaise with the product and technical team to discover and solve client-specific challenges.

L: Can you describe your typical day at work?

P: My daily life at Lifesight typically consists of helping customers quickly derive product value by handling product implementation & onboarding, reviewing customer accounts, raising support tickets and supporting on technical issues, if any. Client reporting also forms a significant part of my work.

L: What does your team focus on?

P: My team works on building a solid business foundation with Lifesight’s customers by nurturing the relationship at every stage of their journey with us. We help our clients achieve the best value they can get from using our product by collaborating with several other teams like sales, marketing, product and technical teams.

L: Finally, what do you like most about working at Lifesight?

P: Getting to work for a product which is so crucial in bridging the online-to-offline marketing gap has been a very interesting ride. This is something new in this market and there’s a lot of learning and challenges involved which keep work interesting and the learning curve very high! Also, the entire team is so fun to work with as they bring interesting ideas on the table and is very approachable. We also have a small TGIF celebration every Friday to gear up for the weekend.

And that was our Customer Success Manager, Paulomi. A very fun and excitable person who can have a conversation with anyone. She is the main point of contact for our clients and in a sense the face and voice of Lifesight for them.

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