Top 10 Father’s Day Email Examples For Your Inspiration

Published On: 16 Jun 2023


Get inspired with the top 10 Father's Day email examples to create engaging campaigns that honor dads. Drive conversions and make Father's Day memorable.

There's a common saying that goes something like, "Dads are the hardest people to shop for." This classic saying highlights why Father's Day is a great time for your brand to step in and help resolve a problem many of your customers face.

Your brand's relationship with its audience, the loyalty of its customers, and revenue can all benefit from a well-executed Father's Day email marketing campaign.

This blog explores Father's Day emails from the top brands in the ecommerce space for ideas. These examples will do more than just get your creative juices flowing; they'll also provide you with new ideas for how to improve your own campaign.

Father's Day Email Examples

1) Heatonist – Hot sauce for cool dads

Heatonist is a New York-based hot-sauce brand that specializes in a variety of hot sauces. Since the new-age dads are contributing equally to household chores such as cooking, what better gift than a pack of their favorite hot sauce to add a zing to their weekend barbeque evenings.

Father's Day Email Examples - Heatonist

We love how Heatonist has incorporated user reviews for some of their best-selling hot sauce bundles in their Father's Day email promotional campaigns. All the reviews showcased are carefully picked and talk about some quality family time spent together and how Heatonist hot sauces made it extra special and memorable. These emails invoke a strong emotion of strong family bonding and a good time hitting the right emotional chord to make a purchase.

2) Nike – Let's Celebrate Father's Day

Nike keeps it simple and sweet, no frills, just a simple message. The focus is not the product but a limited-time discount and strategically placed CTAs.

Subject: It's Father's Day—let's celebrate

Father's Day Email Examples - Nike

Here the focus is on the 40% discount and a clear CTA to buy gift cards for the father figure in your life. The images used clearly depict father-son bonding over sports.

3) FitVine – Limited-time deal promotion

Fathers typically do fun stuff despite their tough demeanor and that's exactly the emotion FitVine has leveraged for Father's Day promotions.

Subject: For Father's Day, here's 15% off (and some real good dad jokes)

Father's Day Email Examples - Fitvine

We like how Fitvine interspersed humour in promoting the limited-time 15% discount sitewide on Father's Day. The imagery used is attractive, the jokes engaging to hold the reader's attention and the discount code and offer period clearly highlighted in the email. The best part is a bright yellow CTA button making access to the website super-quick and easy.

4) Misc. Goods Co – Special offers on Father's Day

Misc. Goods Co is a Kentucky-based American product specializing in making men's accessories like leather wallets and belts, colognes, gift items, and keepsakes such as thoughtfully designed playing cards, incense stick holders, and more. Their promotional campaign is simple, no-nonsense, and to the point.

Subject: Father's Day Sale! Up to 40% Off

Father's Day Email Examples - Misc. Goods

We like how they have highlighted their popular product bundles which are up on sale for Father's Day and have strategically placed a CTA directing the reader to the website's discounted products catalog. The copy highlights all their products in an interesting and artistic way.

5) Bridge & Burn – Father's Day Giveaway Promotions

Bridge & Burn is an apparel brand that advocates sustainable fashion. Started in 2009, with a small batch of t-shirts the brand has come a long way. They have certainly gone the extra mile and come up with an out-of-the-box giveaway program on Father's Day. The brand has partnered with 7 other brands and is running a contest, a rather interesting way of keeping audiences engaged.

Subject: Win Over $2,500 in Giveaways

Father's Day Email Examples - Bidge & Burn

We like the neat presentation and to-the-point message. By partnering with other brands which are popular with Bridge & Burn's target audience for a giveaway, not only have they been successfully able to engage the audience. They have smartly ensured more traffic on their website and also in the process ensured customers end up browsing their products as well.

6) Hush Puppies - Special Father's Day discount

Hush Puppies has a rather unconventional approach. It is a premier shoe brand and the campaign is all about that. The focus is on the product and the messaging rather than an image with a father or human. The message is clear, special shoes for Dad at a very special discount.

Subject: The perfect shoes for dad...

Father's Day Email Examples - Hush Puppies

We like how the emphasis is purely on the special flash sale for Father's Day. The discount offered is the highlight, a special coupon code pops up in the email and the CTA directs the recipient to the discounted items page. Here the ongoing offer is the hero of the campaign.

7) Peloton – For the fitness freak dad

Peloton, a fitness company, has created a strong community of fitness enthusiasts by bringing together technology, content, and crème-de-la-crème of fitness instructors. They offer a plethora of fitness equipment and accessories and have a growing community of loyalists thanks to the Peloton app. The brand has beautifully leveraged this community and family instinct to promote its Father's Day special offers.

Subject: There's nothing #PelotonDads can't do

Father's Day Email Examples - Peloton

We love the messaging used by Peloton. They are urging prospective new customers to celebrate Father's Day by running a special offer for a limited period on joining their app. In the promotion, they are also educating the recipients about their various products, membership programs, and services along with the benefits. A genius promotional pitch we had to say.

8) Beardbrand – Celebrating with gratitude

Beardbrand is a men's grooming brand specializing in all beard care and grooming products. The promotion is simple and strikes a deep emotional connection.

Subject: Shoutout to all the dads

Father's Day Email Examples - BeardBrand

We like how Beardbrand celebrates the true essence of being a dad by appreciating what dads do, expressing gratitude, and thanking them. They are nowhere promoting their products but simply celebrating dads for what all they do. The icing on the cake is a cute father-daughter moment of the man who found Beardbrand. This a perfect example of how just establishing an emotional connection is enough.

9) Harry's – Celebrating special memories

Harry's is a brand offering a wide range of men's shaving products at an affordable and fair price. However, it is a brand with a purpose. They set aside 1% of all their sales proceeds towards supporting organizations working towards mental health care for men.

Subject: Never a dull moment…

Father's Day Email Examples - Harry's

True to their mission of taking initiatives that matter, to celebrate Father's Day Harry's asked their customers to make videos capturing their special father-child moment. When promoting their Father's Day limited edition merchandise they also shared these memorable videos in the campaigns. The campaign ticks all the right boxes and packs the actual essence of Father's Day beautifully.

10) Liberty London – For the fashionable dad

UK-based Liberty London stocks clothing and accessories of all luxury fashion brands. Need we say more about why it makes sense for a brand like this to run special promotional campaigns, discounts, and offers on Father's Day?

Subject: Father's Day is around the corner

Father's Day Email Examples - Liberty London

We love how their promotional campaign is designed around their products and discounts being offered on Father's Day. Besides, the campaign clearly establishes its target audience which is men who value fashion. A neat and crisp design exudes understated luxury. This is why it stands out in the mind of the recipient.

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Promotional Ideas for Father's Day Campaign

With so many brands vying for customer attention it makes sense to have a planned approach to Father's Day promotions and the right launch time is of utmost importance for it to be a success. Here, we have put together some stellar ideas to promote your Father's Day products and offerings:

  • Special mention on your website: Creating a banner for the occasion on your website highlighting a message that establishes an emotional connection, highlights discount offers, and highlights your unique product/service.
  • Gift suggestions: You could do a blog post on gifting ideas on Father's Day and amplify the same through a newsletter, Father's Day social media campaigns, email marketing, and more. After all, choosing the right gift is the biggest dilemma. Suggesting options beyond a set of handkerchiefs or a wallet will help you create a great impression and nurture long-term relationships with your target audience.
  • Special discounts and limited-time offers: Offering exclusive discounts or bundling a freebie with the primary product for your existing subscribers will help them feel special and ensure they purchase from your website. Running offers for a limited time period will create a sense of urgency and nudge recipients to take immediate action.

You could use either one or a combination of all these to get more conversions and make the most of Father's Day.


A good well planned and thought-out promotional campaign is the perfect recipe for success but do not forget these essential ingredients along the way.

  • Make all your assets such as websites, social media posts, and any other marketing assets mobile-friendly.
  • Personalize your messaging for better conversion and customer loyalty.
  • Segmenting your audience helps you design relevant campaigns that resonate with them.
  • Have a consistent brand identity for better recall value.

We hope the ideas we have put together will help you as a marketer to design promotional campaigns that make a positive impact.

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