10 Winning Tips To Write High-Converting Facebook Ad Copies (With Examples)

Published On: 30 Sep 2022


Rather than getting overwhelmed with How to write a compelling ad copy that converts, here are marketing strategies to optimize your next Facebook ad copy.

Considering the increase in Ecommerce and DTC brands in almost every niche, business owners are always on the search for new user acquisition channels.

With over 10 million advertisers spending over $ 84.2 million on Facebook to reach over 2.91 billion active users worldwide, Facebook easily tops the list. Needless to say, Ecommerce and Facebook are a power-couple.

But there's a catch, a Facebook user on a monthly basis gets bombarded with 1700+ ads and merely remembers a handful of them.

This raises the question, how on earth can you make Facebook ads more relevant, intriguing, and impactful?

To create Ecommerce Facebook ad copies that convert, you need to bear two main things in mind:

  • Target the right audience as per your products/services
  • Write an outstanding ad copy to get their attention right away

That said, if you have a finger on the pulse of what's working for Facebook ad copies for DTC brands, you can get a leg up on your competition. We've monitored Ecommerce and DTC brands with the best Facebook ad copies so that you can draw inspiration from their strategies.

Here are 10 tips to write high-converting Facebook ad copies

1) Thoroughly segment the target audience

Targeting the right segment is the key to the best Facebook ad copies. Leverage Facebook's audience targeting features to narrow down your focus to a specific set who are ideal customers for your product/services and personalize your Ecommerce brand's Facebook ad copies for them.

Ask these questions to segment your audience accurately and show them what they want to see:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What does my audience know about the product?
  • What do they need to know?
  • What doubts will they have?
  • What's the desired outcome for them?
  • What information do I need to share to get this outcome?

One such DTC brand that nails audience targeting with its Facebook ad copy template is Bellroy. The brand specializes in accessories like wallets, travel bags, and more. A closer inspection shows how their ad copies target both potential and existing customers.

This Facebook lead ad teases subscriber-exclusive promotion the brand was running for Black Friday.


Whereas this Facebook ad carousel is for new customers. What's notable here is how the ad tapes into the innate emotional trigger "helping yourself helps others too."



  • Your ad copy could have an emotional trigger instead of being pale and bland. Also, use Facebook's Dynamic Creative to test different angles against each other.

2) Build audience personas

Your answer to the question "how to write effective Facebook ad copy" is: to have a clear audience profile for your DTC/Ecommerce brand. Create distinct personas based on your audience profiles and try to understand what triggers them for shopping decisions and voila!

To create a successful buyer persona, you need to answer the following questions:

  • How old are they?
  • What are their wants or desires?
  • What products of yours are they most interested in?
  • What are their problems?
  • What queries do they have?
  • Who is your seed audience?

An in-depth buyer persona would look similar to this:


You can also utilize Facebook buyer personas to build a custom or lookalike audience for greater Facebook ad copy conversions.

A great example would be audio products developer and manufacturer Sonos - a widely popular brand for its' multi-room audio products. Sonos's Facebook video ads remarket to the audience who have already watched videos earlier with video custom audience.

What's notable here is how the Facebook ad copy length is minimal. Instead, the brand lets the video convey the message.


Tip - Rather than going with a blanket ad, personalized ad targeting based on persona would get you the desired outcome.

Case in point is American men's grooming company BeardBrand which uses Facebook ads to educate its prospects, gain their trust, and create a brand recall. The result is an impression that's hard to forget.


3) Target 2–3 keywords per ad copy

To write a great Facebook ad copy, you need to be careful about keyword density. 2-3 keywords per copy are more than enough. More than that and it leads to a monotonous and drab piece of writing.

Society6, a DTC brand selling phone cases keeps its ads with minimal ads and allures the prospects with short and simple messages. They've used the keywords 'phone cases' once and 'phone' also once.


4) Write a powerful hook

The hook is one of the most important factors that decide the success factor of a Facebook ad copy template. A hook appears at the top and consists of 125 words which decide the level of interaction with your users and the face of your DTC ad copy. This sets the right context and prompts users to read more or directly go for 'Call-to-action'.

A hook can be written in either of 3 ways:

  • Pain/ benefit construct,
  • Feeling based,
  • Logic hook.

Specifically crucial for Ecommerce and DTC brands, you can leverage the right hook to set the tone right for your customers.

One great example is Pela Case - a brand that specializes in eco-friendly compostable phone cases. The ad perfectly depicted the importance of eco-friendliness.


5) Optimize ad body copy

Your Facebook ad copy's success depends on how easily and quickly you can provide a solution to your prospect's problem. It should be written in an intriguing manner.

Depending upon the ad type and your target audience's awareness, your Facebook ad copy length would vary. It can be segregated into 5 types:

  • Unaware audience: Your entire focus of the Facebook ad copy template would be to educate your audience through simple explanation, storytelling, and facts. Your Facebook ad copy length might be on the higher side and you need to justify that with your context.

A good example of this would be Dollar Shave Club - which specializes in selling grooming products as a subscription and does a fantastic job of educating the target audience through informative DTC Facebook ads.


Problem-aware audience - In this case, highlight pain/benefit analysis. Your audience is already aware of the issue and they are looking for a brand that empathizes with them and is able to provide an effective solution.

An example of the best Facebook ad copies in this category would be Barkbox - which specializes in Dog's treat and accessories segment. Their ad straightaway addresses the problem and provides a way around to solve it.


  • Solution-aware audience - Solution-aware audience is somewhat skeptical regarding the solutions available in the market. They know it exists but are not quite sure about the effectiveness of your solution to solve their problem. Showing them social proof is the best way to gain their trust.

Anastasia Beverly Hill - a brand focusing on women's beauty products does it beautifully. Their ads are simple, data-backed, and address the solution their audience has been longing for.


  • Product-aware audience - In this case, your Facebook ad copy needs to highlight the sense of urgency and tight incentive to prompt the users to take action. The product-aware audience needs to be nudged now and then as otherwise, they become doubtful of the efficacy of your product.

Old Navy uses the same strategy for Ecommerce Facebook ad copy. Their ads create a sense of urgency for the readers and prompt them to buy their products.


  • Very aware audience: This is the easiest type to sell to the audience who already knows about your product and is impressed with your product's effectiveness. You just need to put it out there with some lucrative offers so they can buy it right away.

Established brands like Etsy go with this type of ad. Having established their brand reputation in selling eclectic handmade or vintage items and craft supplies, they don't bother about fancy Facebook ad copy. They just put their ad out for the audience and jump right in.


6) A strong CTA

A call-to-action triggers your users to take the next step which in this case would be encouraging users to respond to your ad. It can be anything from "Learn more" to "Buy now". Your ad copy should be clear and enticing enough so your user gets motivated to take the required action.


  • specializing in men's shorts clearly calls out the CTA. Their target audience finds it easy to navigate their website and purchase the products.


  • Facebook recommends using only one CTA in the ad copies.


7) Ad creative

Your ad creative is a great storytelling opportunity to inform users what your product is and what problem it is supposed to solve. With clear, concise, and compelling messaging, if you can explain the benefits of your product, your readers would surely be interested to take the next step.

Tools like Pencil and Invideo help you create stunning Facebook ad visuals.

NatureBox is a great example in this category. It plays with the desire for healthy snacks and explains about mindful snacking to the target audience.



  • Ensure that your copy and image individually tell your story but are also complacent to each other.

8) The ad title and description

The ad title and description both are at the bottom of Facebook ads. You need to carefully craft the title as this is your first weapon to grab the eyeballs and the description should continue the flow with a catchphrase or alluring for a call-to-action to hold their attention for enticing them to take the next step.

DTC brand Violet Grey has extensive expertise in selling skincare and wellness products. Through ads, they promote their vibes, and the ad title and description play a significant role in making click-worthy best Facebook ad copies.



  • Include phrases that indicate time to add a sense of urgency like - "today", "now", and "this week."

9) A/B Testing

A/B testing of your Ecommerce and DTC Facebook ad copies give you an idea of what type of ads or visuals earn the highest conversion rates.

Which elements of your Facebook ad copies should you A/B test?


Basic Piece

  • specializing in women's fashion regularly comes up with distinct messaging and tries out A/B testing with different variations.


10) Optimize ad conversion rates

All pointers mentioned direct us to one outcome -conversion. While writing Facebook ad copy, you should be focused on finding the scope of improvements and strategizing to convert more and more users consistently.

A few pointers worth keeping in mind when you run Ecommerce Facebook ads are:

  • Target people based on their previous buying preference
  • Go for a similar target audience where you get maximum success
  • Leverage event targeting to find out about special events and offers
  • Address your target audience's pain points in a simple and concise manner
  • Reduce drop-offs by using user engagement and retention tactics

Nike sets up a high benchmark of quality for creating great ads and their conversion ratio is quite high. They intelligently craft the message based on users' buying preferences and target them accurately.


Wrapping up: The secret to high-converting Facebook ads is...

How to write an Ecommerce ad copy that converts is more of science than art. Optimize your target audience segmentation, ensure that you don't stuff your Facebook ad copy with keywords, write a powerful hook along with an intriguing ad copy, add a strong CTA, title, and description, and A/B test all elements of the ad copy.

Rather than getting overwhelmed with where to start, we'd recommend picking 2-3 strategies to optimize your Ecommerce Facebook ad copy before moving to the next steps.

Lastly, DTC brands should leverage customer data engagement platforms like Lifesight to drive meaningful marketing experiences backed by data and a thorough understanding of the target audience.


1) How to write Facebook ad copy that converts?

The best DTC and Ecommerce Facebook ad copies have a powerful hook, a strong CTA, a thorough understanding of their target audience, and are visually appealing.

2) What are the Facebook ad copy guidelines? What is the Facebook ad copy length?

Here are the guidelines for Facebook ad copies:

Text: 90 Characters

Headline: 25 Characters

Link description: 30 Characters

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