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Published On: 02 Jun 2023


Discover effective email marketing strategies with insights from our top agency partners. Elevate your email campaigns to boost engagement & ROI.

Welcome to our exciting, dynamic, and never-boring world of email marketing. As one of the most effective communication tools in our digital age, email marketing has the magic to turn prospects into customers and first-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

If you're here, it's safe to guess that you already understand this tool's power in driving growth and engagement in the ecommerce industry. But here's the million-dollar question: Are you genuinely maximizing the full potential of your email marketing strategies?

We're thrilled to share some tips and insights in today's blog post, "Email Marketing Tips From Our Leading Agency Partners." Yes, you heard that right! We've joined forces with some of the best minds in the industry to bring you the crème de la crème of email marketing practices. We're talking about tips, tricks, and guidance straight from the pros, those who have proven their mettle in this game time and again.

We'll discuss:

  • The biggest challenge agencies face in the current times
  • Effective strategies for crafting engaging subject lines
  • How to use segmentation to personalize marketing and boost conversion rates
  • Recommendations for optimizing email marketing campaigns to reduce unsubscribe rates.

So, let's put the pedal to the metal and dive right in, shall we? Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to revolutionize your email marketing game. Because after today, things are never going to be the same.

Zachary Chester -

"The key, in my experience, is maintaining a healthy balance between promotional and value-driven content"

Biggest Challenge

In the current landscape, the biggest challenge I see for agencies is the new business generation and client acquisition.

Crafting engaging subject lines

Crafting an effective subject line is crucial to overcome this challenge. I advise keeping it short, clear, and specific—ideally within a30-50 character range. Personalize your subject lines, and incorporate a sense of urgency whenever appropriate as this drives higher open rates. Don't shy away from using humor or sparking curiosity—these elements can make your subject lines grab attention. However, it's essential to test and optimize different subject lines to discern what best resonates with your audience.

Using segmentation

Segmentation, in my view, is a valuable strategy to personalize marketing and elevate conversion rates. ecommerce brands can make use of customer data—purchase history, browsing behavior, demographics, and preferences—to tailor email content for different customer groups. This personalization can take several forms: targeted emails with product recommendations or discounts based on a customer's interests, or even personalized emails for occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Segmentation is also an excellent way to reach out to new customers with a welcome email or re-engage inactive customers. For instance, a report by Epsilon found that personalized emails had a 29% higher open rate and 41% higher click-through rate than non-personalized emails.

Optimizing email campaigns

Finally, I have some suggestions for optimizing email marketing campaigns to reduce unsubscribe rates. The key, in my experience, is maintaining a healthy balance between promotional and value-driven content. Start with a warm welcome email to introduce your brand and set subscriber expectations. Then focus on providing valuable content that not only engages but also builds trust with your subscribers.

I recommend personalizing content based on individual subscriber data to increase its relevance. Transparency is also crucial—let your subscribers know the frequency of your emails.

Remember to use a clean and visually appealing design that is easy to navigate. Including a clear and prominent unsubscribe link is important—it should be easy for subscribers to opt out if they wish. Also, conduct A/B testing to identify what resonates best with your audience and optimize accordingly. Implementing these strategies can significantly reduce unsubscribe rates while still providing value to your subscribers.


Jason Ciment - Getvisible

"My highest-opening newsletter had the line "screwed the pooch"—a phrase that successfully grabbed the reader's attention"

Biggest Challenge

As an agency partner, I believe one of the greatest challenges we currently face is pricing pressure, accompanied by therise of AI-generated content. These factors are rapidly changing the game and pushing us to adapt.

Crafting engaging subject lines

When it comes to crafting engaging subject lines, personalization is the key. I find it particularly effective to include the recipient's first name. Another strategy I swear by is breaking the rhythm with short, eye-catching phrases. In fact, my highest-opening newsletter had the line "screwed the pooch"—a phrase that successfully grabbed the reader's attention.

Using segmentation

On the topic of segmentation, I'm a strong advocate for personalization as it enables us to tailor email content based on what we know about the recipient. With advancements in AI technology, crafting intimate content for each person has become much easier. This shift is dramatically changing the email marketing landscape, making our campaigns more effective and the customer experience more personalized.

Optimizing email campaigns

When it comes to optimizing email marketing campaigns and reducing unsubscribe rates, my go-to strategy is to share value outside the regular sales offer rhythm. If all you do is sell, your emails can easily become white noise. That's why I believe in breaking the pattern once in a while with something unexpected and valuable. This strategy makes recipients anticipate your next email communication, keeping them engaged and reducing the chance of them hitting the unsubscribe button.

Cormac Casey -

"It's no surprise that people engage with content and brands that answer their questions."

Biggest Challenge

As an agency partner, the most significant challenge we face today is finding and retaining quality talent. In our industry, it's not just about keeping good people around, but also about attracting them in the first place. It's an ongoing task and one that can make a substantial difference to the quality of service we can offer.

Crafting engaging subject lines

In terms of crafting engaging subject lines, it's a long-term strategy rather than a quick fix. It's all about personalization, and that can only be achieved by building an individual customer profile over time. There's no quick hack or shortcut here – it's about taking the time to understand your customers and tailor your approach to them.

Using segmentation

Regarding segmentation, it's not a question of "how can we" but rather "how should we" personalize marketing to boost conversion rates. We must address our specific customer's needs rather than focusing on a single customer persona out of potentially thousands. The results of this approach can be astounding. It's no surprise that people engage with content and brands that answer their questions. And when you address every individual customer's issue specifically in your email strategy, you'll see significant improvements compared to traditional 'spray and pray' methods.

Employing these strategies has led to increased open rates, click rates, session durations, conversion rates, referral rates, and repurchase rates. We've also seen a decrease in return order rates, an increase in customer lifetime value, an influx of positive reviews, and a notable impact on brand goodwill. Traditionally, people have treated email like a road sign on a motorway, delivering the same single message to millions of people. But given the amount of data we have on each individual customer's wants, frustrations, personal details, and more, it's illogical not to use it.

Optimizing email campaigns

As for optimizing email marketing campaigns to reduce unsubscribe rates, I believe my responses to the previous questions cover this. Our approach to personalization, understanding our customers, and addressing their specific needs is key to keeping them engaged and subscribed.


Reagan Litherland - Fifthandcor

"My approach leans towards authenticity and genuine engagement."

Biggest Challenge

In the current times, as an agency partner, I find the ever-shifting nature of social media platforms, pricing pressure, and client retention to be the biggest challenges. The dynamic landscape of social media demands businesses to spread their presence across various platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and others. Each platform provides unique experiences and attracts different groups of viewers. So, relying on one platform could set you back. I suggest that consistent posting about new businesses or projects can create attention and increase engagement rates.

Crafting engaging subject lines

When it comes to crafting personalized subject lines and emails, my experience has shown me that clients appreciate a personal connection.

Using segmentation

Using special techniques to tailor emails, remembering small details they've shared, and acknowledging important dates like birthdays can significantly improve the relationship and connection. This personalized approach to segmentation not only helps to strengthen the bond with clients but also boosts conversion rates.

Optimizing email campaigns

Regarding optimizing email marketing campaigns and reducing unsubscribe rates, my approach leans towards authenticity and genuine engagement. I advise against being too pushy with your promotions and strongly discourage over-spamming your subscriber list. Maintaining a balance between authenticity and promotion is key to retaining subscribers and fostering long-lasting relationships.


Stefan Chiriacescu - ecommerce-today

"Crafting engaging subject lines requires continuous A/B split testing and tailoring language to different customer personas"

Biggest Challenge

I perceive the biggest challenges today to be pricing pressure, client retention, a lack of upselling opportunities, and above all, a lack of adaptability and flexibility to current trends.

Crafting engaging subject lines

When it comes to crafting engaging subject lines, there's no magic formula or perfect generator. I firmly believe in the power of continuous A/B split testing, tailoring our language to different customer personas. For instance, while some customers prefer personalized subject lines, others might find them intrusive. Similarly, some subscribers respond well to sales-oriented text, whereas others prefer a more toned-down approach. It's all about understanding the primary customer persona for each store and adjusting the tone accordingly.

Using segmentation

On the subject of segmentation, the initial grouping should be based on subscriber activity. This can range from monthly emails with the best offer for some subscribers, to daily emails for more active subscribers. Advanced segmentation involves elements like brand affinities, category affinities, and commercial segmentation, which differentiates between customers who buy from sale sections and those who make larger purchases without using coupons. By effectively segmenting and catering to these segments, I've consistently achieved open rates of over 50% and high click-through rates, ensuring a strong sender reputation and a healthy email subscriber list.

Optimizing email campaigns

Finally, in terms of optimizing email marketing campaigns to reduce unsubscribe rates, the golden rule I follow is to ensure every email holds value for all recipients. This means crafting emails that appeal to a wider audience, not just those who will make a purchase. By incorporating useful information, captivating visuals, or even a touch of humor, we aim to ensure that even if a subscriber doesn't make a purchase, they still findvalue in the email they opened.


Nick Flint - Omgcommerce

"It's essential to focus on creating genuinely engaging, customer-centric content"

Biggest Challenge

First and foremost, I must address the elephant in the room — the biggest challenge many agencies are facing today, which is dealing with lean client budgets. Navigating through these constraints requires flexibility and creativity on our end to ensure we're delivering the results our clients expect.

Crafting engaging subject lines

Secondly, when it comes to crafting engaging subject lines, it's all about the tease. Give your audience a taste of what's inside but leave them wanting more. The intrigue you create here is your golden ticket to getting that email opened.

Using segmentation

Now, onto the power of segmentation. Personalization is no longer just a nice-to-have in email marketing; it's an absolute must. Show people more of what they're interested in for example, if you're an apparel brand and you know who's shopping for male or female apparel, segment these shoppers into distinct categories. Tailor your campaigns and flows to show the right demographic, wearing the right apparel. You'll significantly boost your conversion rates by showing your customers more of what they're interested in.

Optimizing email campaigns

Lastly, let's discuss how we can optimize email marketing campaigns to reduce unsubscribe rates. The first step is providing options for your subscribers to manage their preferences, like how often they receive emails from you. This gives them a sense of control and reduces their need to unsubscribe completely. Moreover, it's essential to focus on creating genuinely engaging, customer-centric content. Strive for a conversational tone, as though you're writing to a friend rather than sticking to stiff, standardized messaging.


Monica Bansa - Hustlermarketing

"Segmentation enables tailored content and campaigns, reducing unsubscribe rates and driving higher revenue"

Biggest Challenge

In my experience, some of the major challenges we currently face include generating new business, attracting clients, and discovering opportunities for upselling.

Crafting engaging subject lines

When it comes to creating engaging subject lines, several strategies have proven effective. For instance, I find that carefully using emojis can help catch the reader's attention, as long as they align with the brand and provide relevant information about the email's content. It's also key to remember that moderation is crucial—five emojis in every subject line can be overkill. Personalization, such as including the recipient's first name or referring to their recent purchases, can also help enhance engagement. Other tactics I use include crafting subject lines that create suspense or incorporate a pun or joke to pique the recipient's curiosity.

Using segmentation

For segmentation, the goal is to tailor content to make it more relevant to each segment of your audience. This approach can help reduce spam complaints and unsubscribe rates, as well as provide valuable insights for improving the overall marketing strategy. One successful campaign I ran involved targeting customers who had previously purchased vegan products on Earth Day. This campaign significantly outperformed our average efforts, resulting in 20-30% higher revenue than usual.

Optimizing email campaigns

In terms of optimizing email marketing campaigns to minimize unsubscribe rates, I believe in regularly cleaning the list to suppress profiles that haven't engaged for an extended period or have unsubscribed. I also advocate for a 3:1 rule—send two content-driven emails with soft offers or discounts for every promotional email. It's important not to oversend; sticking to an industry-standard maximum of 2-3 weekly emails can be beneficial.

Lastly, using segmentation generously to send personalized campaigns to different user groups based on factors like demography, buying behavior, and purchase history is a highly effective strategy. For instance, you wouldn't want to send emails promoting meat treats to vegan customers! This approach ensures that our emails are as relevant and engaging as possible, keeping our unsubscribe rates low.


Natasha Jones - Tatjones

"Data analysis is key for optimizing email campaigns and reducing unsubscribe rates."

Biggest Challenge

Some of the significant challenges I face in current times include pricing pressure, the ever-shifting landscape of social media platforms, and retaining high-quality talent. The dynamic nature of our industry demands constant adaptation and resilience.

Crafting engaging subject lines

When it comes to crafting engaging subject lines, artificial intelligence has been an invaluable tool, providing inspiration from numerous angles, especially during those creativity-block days. I've seen a noticeable increase in open rates when subject lines are personalized, and remember, this goes beyond just using the recipient's first name. It can involve past purchase behavior, location, or other relevant details to make it more appealing.

Using segmentation

Regarding segmentation, it's essential to remember that no business caters to a single customer persona or avatar. If you're sending a single "newsletter" to your entire list, you're probably missing the mark and potentially losing opportunities for repeat purchases. Instead, I identify what data points divide my audience and use these as starting points for segmentation. This approach enables me to tailor my communication more effectively and resonate with different customer groups.

Optimizing email campaigns

In terms of optimizing email marketing campaigns to reduce unsubscribe rates, data analysis is my go-to strategy. I study the profiles of those who unsubscribe or contribute to a high bounce rate. Are these old, inactive contacts? Did they sign up for a giveaway and now have no reason to remain on my list? Once I've understood the reasons behind these metrics, I can start devising what actions to take to mitigate them. This data-driven approach enables me to address the core issues, thereby optimizing my campaigns and reducing unsubscribe rates.

Alexis Hetu -

"Make sure you have a customized managed preference page to segment your subscribers and reduce unsubs"

Biggest Challenge

First and foremost, we must discuss the most prevalent challenges we are encountering these days. Client retention and managing lean client budgets have become the elephants in the room. It's become essential to deliver value and prove our effectiveness to secure long-term partnerships, all the while navigating tighter than usual budgets.

Crafting Engaging Subject Lines

When it comes to crafting engaging subject lines, two things are absolutely critical: personalization and attention to brand voice. In an increasingly crowded inbox, standing out is not just beneficial, but vital. A unique, attention-grabbing subject line that remains true to the brand's voice can significantly enhance open rates and secure consumer retention. It's all about making the customer feel acknowledged and seen.

Using Segmentation

The current times have led to a growing craving for live interaction and the tactile experience of products. As digital sellers, it becomes our duty to fill this gap and emphasize our personal touch. Be it personalized product recommendations, customized deals, or curated content targeting specific consumer needs, personalization in eCommerce marketing is more imperative now than it ever was.

Optimizing email campaigns

Last but not least, let's talk about optimizing email marketing campaigns to decrease unsubscribe rates. A key recommendation I have is to ensure you have a customized managed preference page for segmenting your subscribers. This approach helps reduce the number of unsubscriptions by allowing consumers to opt into the content they are genuinely interested in. The detailed segmentation you can create from the data collected via preference pages will not only enhance deliverability but also ensure that your consumer receives the right message at the right time. It's all about relevance and respect for the customer's preferences and time.

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