3 Data Integration Challenges that Modern Marketers Face

Published On: 28 Jun 2022


3 data integration challenges that modern marketers face.png
Today's data driven marketers find dealing with a humungous amount of siloed data challenging and most of the data integration mechanisms

Today's data-driven marketers have a significant challenge facing them - humongous amounts of siloed data. While data in itself is a useful tool to make the right business decisions, siloed data sets create more challenges than they solve. Imagine the modern marketing data stack. It has data from a variety of online and offline sources - POS, digital campaigns, offline campaigns, loyalty cards, CRM, other online and offline interactions.

To make sense of these data sets, marketers need data integration. But data integration mechanisms have failed marketers, either creating too many manual interventions or resulting in high IT costs. Following are the three biggest challenges marketers face when it comes to the integration of their modern marketing stack data -

1) Data accuracy

Manual processes often lead to marketers working with older data sets as these tools are not updated in real time. Moreover, when the data sources sit in silos and the cleaning mechanism is not centralised, marketers often work with inaccurate data sets, leading to decisions that are either lagging in accuracy or timeliness.

2) Manual processes

Many organizations continue to consolidate and centralize data using spreadsheets. This results in inordinate amounts of time spent in collecting and organizing data instead of analysing and making decisions.

3) Time cost

In an increasingly data-centric world of marketing, maintaining a real-time pipeline of data should not require high time cost or expensive IT costs. With time, the tools, services, and data points will only increase and this would mean costs spiking further up.

A centralized data integration mechanism to the rescue

What marketers need is a centralized data integration mechanism which can scale with time and as data sources and volume or data needs increase. Automated platforms for data integration that ingest, clean, and prepare data for real time analytics are a must in any martech stack.

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