Boost Shopify sales with 1-Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar. It offers a convenient checkout, sticky add to cart buttons, multi-currency support, and multi-language capabilities. Reduce cart abandonment and increase profits effortlessly.

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1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar

1‑Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar

Fast Checkout, Always Visible Sticky Bar & Add To Cart Button


1-Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar is an app created by Zoorix to help shopify merchants increase sales. It provides a fast checkout option and always visible sticky add to cart button on all the products in the store so that customers can quickly purchase what they’re looking for. It also reduces the cart abandonment rate, supports Shopify multi-currencies, and offers full multi-language support for translations. Through this convenient app, shopify merchants can save time and money while also increasing profits.


  • The 1-Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar: App offers a fast checkout option to quickly send customers straight to the checkout page with one click. This helps to reduce long wait times and optimize customer experience.
  • Always Visible Sticky Add To Cart Button: The app facilitates an always visible sticky add to cart button so that customers don’t miss out on any sales opportunities. This helps to encourage more customers to proceed with purchases.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate: 1-Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar helps to reduce the cart abandonment rate by making it simple and seamless for customers to make purchases. This leads to more successful transactions and increased profits.
  • Support Shopify Multi Currencies: The app is fully compatible with all Shopify multi-currency systems and conversion apps. This allows merchants to provide a more convenient and accurate checkout experience for customers all over the world.
  • Full Multi-Language Support: The app is equipped with full multi-language support, including translations. This ensures that customers can easily understand the product details and purchase process without any miscommunication.
  • Mobile Optimized Design: The app has an optimized design for mobile devices and resolutions. This ensures that customers have a smooth purchase experience no matter where they’re accessing the store from.
  • Track All Click Events: The app allows merchants to track all click events to understand the value being generated. This helps to assess the impact of the app and make adjustments for future optimization.
  • Customizations: The app offers store-specific customizations to perfectly fit each store. This ensures that customers have a consistent experience when shopping on the store.


1-Click Sticky Add To Cart Bar is available for free. There are no additional costs or charges associated with the app.