All-in-one SMS marketing app. Recover abandoned carts, send SMS alerts, retarget customers, and personalize messages. Increase conversions and reconnect with shoppers.

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SMSGo: Abandoned Cart Recovery

SMSGo: Abandoned Cart Recovery

Recover abandoned carts via text message & SMS marketing.


SMSGo is an all-in-one SMS marketing, order notifications, cart recovery, and SMS upsell app. The app helps recover abandoned carts using automated SMS alerts that can be scheduled to send at specific intervals. It will help you recover lost sales and add discounts and deals to reconnect with customers. Re-convert carts quickly and free with the Abandonment Protector feature. As well as retarget existing customers to increase conversions, this app also allows you to send personalised SMS messages to customers to close sales, collect feedback and more.


  • Automated Cart Recovery – SMSGo uses automated SMS alerts to help retailers recover lost sales and abandoned carts. You can set up multiple Abandonment Protector SMS notifications with automatic discounts.
  • Advanced Targeting - Target customers with powerful SMS marketing flows using customer segmentation. Use short URLs for abandoned cart links with your own domain.
  • Customer Messaging – Personalise communication with customers using custom SMS sender ID. Leverage marketing upsells with automated SMS sequences.
  • Winback Coupons - Retarget existing customers with customer winback coupons and boost engagement.
  • Feedback Collection - Collect feedback from customers and improve customer experience.
  • Automated Notifications - Send automated notifications to customers related to order processing, new product offerings, shipping, etc.
  • Re-target customers with Cart Recovery Messages - Send automated cart recovery messages to your customers and re-engage them.
  • Automated Discounts - Set discounts for customers with abandoned carts, so that they can recover their lost sales.
  • Custom Sender IDs - Create custom sender IDs for branding and differentiate your messages from promotional content.
  • Track & Monitor - Track and monitor SMS sending performance with analytics data.


SMSGo is available for free for retailers who are looking for a basic plan. If you want more advanced features and functions, you can upgrade to the Premium plan for $19/month. The Premium plan includes all the features of the free plan and much more. You can also choose a custom plan that is tailored to your business needs.