Enhance your Shopify store with Music Player by Websyms. Create unlimited playlists, integrate streaming services, and customize for a unique shopping experience.

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Music Player by Websyms

Music Player by Websyms

Add your audio playlist for every product and page


For Shopify users looking to add a unique and creative touch to their online store, Music Player by Websyms is the ideal app. Music Player by Websyms is an easy-to-use app that allows you to create unlimited playlists with your own music or from a selection of the top streaming music services. This app promises to bring your store to life with exceptional audio playback features, customizable color combinations, and no coding required.


  • Create Unlimited Playlists: You can create unlimited playlists of your own music, or from popular streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.
  • Customizable Player Theme & Colors: You can select from a range of player themes to match your store’s design. Furthermore, you can adjust your player’s color combinations to ensure that it suits your store’s overall look.
  • Autoplay & Shuffle Options: With Music Player by Websyms, you can choose whether to play your music continuously or toggle the shuffle mode to mix up the order of the songs in the playlist. This means that your customers will never get bored while browsing your store.
  • No Coding Required: With no coding required, Music Player by Websyms is a great option for those not familiar with HTML and CSS. Simply install the app and you can start creating and customizing your playlists.
  • Add Multiple Songs to Any Page or Product: With Music Player by Websyms, you can add as many songs as you like to each page or product.
  • Manage Your Playlists: You can manage your playlists quickly and easily from the app’s dashboard.
  • Real-Time Updates: This app always displays the most up-to-date information about your playlists, which means you will never have to worry about outdated songs or incorrect data.
  • Universal Compatibility: Music Player by Websyms works with all browsers and devices, ensuring no one is left out of the music experience.
  • Advanced Volume Settings: Users of Music Player by Websyms can control the volume of their playlists with ease.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Music Player by Websyms supports both Android and iOS devices, so you can rest assured that your customers will have the same musical experience regardless of the device they use to visit your store.


Music Player by Websyms is available for $4.99/month. Additionally, there is a 7-day free trial available to help you get started with the app. ConclusionMusic Player by Websyms is a great app for those looking for an easy and customizable way to enhance their online store experience with music. With an easy installation process, universal compatibility, and advanced volume settings, Music Player by Websyms ensures that your customers get the most out of their online store experience. Try out Music Player by Websyms today and add a unique and creative touch to your store.