Save time and avoid manual entry errors by syncing Shopify data with QuickBooks Online. Optimize channel and product performance.

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QuickBooks Online Sync

QuickBooks Online Sync

Automated accounting & inventory management in QuickBooks


QuickBooks Online Sync is an app developed by Webgility, designed to help streamline the syncing of data between Shopify and QuickBooks Online. By using this app, businesses can save time and money by avoiding manual data entry and avoiding costly mistakes from manual bookkeeping. With QuickBooks Online Sync, users can unlock actionable insights for channel and product performance as well as profitability.


  • Eliminate Manual Bookkeeping: QuickBooks Online Sync simplifies the bookkeeping process by eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Real Time Income Record Tracking: With this app, users can record their income with each transaction or payout in real time.
  • Easily Close Books: Closing books is easy with this app, since the bank deposits will neatly match up with your books.
  • Automatically Record Multi-Store Sales Tax: Users can simplify sales tax filing by having QuickBooks Online Sync automatically record the multi-store sales tax.
  • Actionable Insights for Channel and Product Performance: QuickBooks Online Sync offers users actionable insights for channel and product performance.
  • Automate Inventory and Accounting: Through this app, users can automate their inventory, accounting, shipping, and fulfillment.
  • Seamlessly Manage and Sync Data Across All Sales Channels: With this app, users can manage and sync their data across all of their sales channels and QuickBooks.
  • Access to Professional Support: QuickBooks Online Sync provides users with access to professional support and guidance.
  • Automatically Generate Reports: This app automatically generates comprehensive reports on inventory, sales, and shipments.
  • Connect to More Accounts: QuickBooks Online Sync allows users to connect to additional accounts, such as PayPal and Stripe.


QuickBooks Online Sync has a 15-day free trial, and the regular pricing after that follows a tiered model. The PRO plan is $139/month and includes support for a single QuickBooks account and up to five channels. The ADVANCED plan is $249/month.