Backup & Back up Data: Protect your Shopify store's data with automated daily backups, difference views, GDPR and CCPA compliance, and easy setup - all for free.

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Wandy ‑ Backup & Back up Data

Wandy ‑ Backup & Back up Data

Automated daily backup and restore, undo changes anytime without worry about losing important data


With Wandy ‑ Backup & Back up Data, all Shopify store owners now have a reliable, easy and secure way to protect their store's data. This app provides automated daily backups, allowing you to store your data securely in the cloud and restore it quickly in case of an emergency. With Difference views, you can track all of the changes made to your store and quickly roll back any changes that have caused an issue. Wandy also helps you avoid potential data loss and mitigate the time required for recovery. The app is GDPR and CCPA compliant, making sure all customer data is being processed with the utmost respect for privacy and security. Wandy is free and comes with an easy setup process.


  • Automated Daily Backups: Wandy will automatically backup all of your store’s data—orders, customers, products, collections, blogs, and more—so you can rest assured that everything is secure.
  • Difference Views: View all changes made to your store and easily undo any changes that caused an issue.
  • Restore Items: Restore your store to a specific time or restore individual records as needed.
  • Cloud Storage: Keep your data safe with secure cloud storage that complies with GDPR and CCPA standards.
  • Backup All Data: Your store’s data is backed up, including orders, customers, products, collections, blogs, and more.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Stay on top of your store’s health with a simple, user-friendly dashboard.
  • Fast Restores: Restore items quickly with no downtime for your store.
  • Notifications: Get notifications when backups have completed, so you know when everything is secure.


The app is free to use and comes with an easy setup process. The Premium plan is available for $15/month and comes with a 7 Day free trial.