Automate operations for consignment businesses. Track products, customize commissions, and provide white-labeled vendor portals for efficiency.

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Vendor Consignment

Vendor Consignment

Automatically track multi-vendor commissions and payouts.


Vendor Consignment is a tool designed to help consignment businesses automate their operations. This app provides a range of features to keep track of vendor products, customize commission calculations, record vendor payouts and more. In addition to its powerful features, Vendor Consignment provides users with white-labeled portals that enable vendors to view their product, commission, and payout information in one organized location. For anyone operating a consignment business, Vendor Consignment is a great way to streamline their operations and save time. The app's sophisticated features enable vendors to monitor and control their finances with ease, ensuring their businesses run efficiently and profitably.


  • Track Vendor Products and Commissions: Through Vendor Consignment, users can accurately track vendor products and commissions in real-time. This helps businesses keep track of their finances and ensure commissions are accurate and justified.
  • Customize Commission Calculations: Vendors can customize the commission calculations within Vendor Consignment, allowing them to control how much they charge different vendors.
  • Record Vendor Payouts: Another great feature of Vendor Consignment is its ability to record vendor payouts. This ensures that vendors receive accurate and timely payments, which is essential for running a successful consignment business.
  • PayPal Integration Option: Vendor Consignment provides users with the option to integrate with PayPal, making it easier for businesses to process payments quickly and securely.
  • Download Reports on Products, Vendor Commissions, and Payouts: Vendor Consignment also allows users to download reports on their products, vendor commissions, and payouts. This helps streamline the financial tracking process and makes it easier to access data.
  • White-Labeled Portals: Vendor Consignment offers white-labeled portals that enable vendors to view their products, commission and payout information in one organized location.
  • Customer Support: Vendor Consignment includes customer support, so you can get help with any issue you encounter while using the app.
  • Security Protocols: Vendor Consignment follows industry-standard security protocols to ensure user data is secure and protected.
  • Professional User Interface: Vendor Consignment offers a professional user interface that is intuitive and easy to understand.
  • Affordable Pricing: Vendor Consignment is extremely affordable, making it an excellent choice for small business owners on a tight budget.


Vendor Consignment is priced at $24.99/month, with a 14-day free trial available for users to test out the app before committing. The PRO package is the only tier offered and provides access to all of Vendor Consignment’s features. The app is extremely affordable, making it a great choice for startups and small businesses that are on a tight budget. Overall, Vendor Consignment is an excellent tool for managing consignment businesses. The app has a range of powerful and customizable features that make tracking products, commissions, and payouts easy and efficient. The app's professional user interface is easy to use, and its reasonable price point makes it an attractive option for businesses of any size.