Bulk optimize, resize, and edit store images. Improve image quality, SEO, and more. Supports popular image types.

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VF Image Optimizer

VF Image Optimizer

Image resize +Image compression +SEO for faster load &pro look


VF Image Optimizer is a Shopify app that helps merchants to bulk optimize, resize, and edit their store images. With this app, merchants can make their store look more professional by resizing their images to a uniform size and using advanced compression algorithm to reduce file size and improve image quality. It also includes options to set and forget image SEO to boost organic traffic, add watermarking, scaling, and other features to make the images stand out. With the support for all popular image types such as jpg, png, gif, webp, and heic, merchants have the freedom to customize their images the way they want it.


  • Bulk Image Resizing: VF Image Optimizer offers merchants the ability to bulk resize their store images to make them look more professional. This feature provides merchants with flexibility and the freedom to adjust the size of their images without any hassle.
  • Advanced Compression Algorithm: VF Image Optimizer includes an advanced compression algorithm that helps to reduce the file size of images while still maintaining high-quality visuals.
  • Image SEO: Merchants can take advantage of VF Image Optimizer’s image SEO feature to boost their organic traffic. This feature allows them to easily set and forget SEO parameters such as alt-text and file name for their images.
  • Watermarking: VF Image Optimizer offers merchants with the ability to add watermarking to their images. This feature allows them to protect their store’s images and make them stand out from the competition.
  • Scaling, Cropping, and Other Features: VF Image Optimizer also includes other features like scaling and cropping that merchants can utilize to further customize and optimize their images. Each feature is previewable and revertable, allowing merchants to experiment without any fear of mistakes.
  • All Image Types Supported: VF Image Optimizer supports all popular image types, such as jpg, png, gif, webp, and heic allowing merchants to take full control of their images.
  • All Store Images Supported: VF Image Optimizer supports all types of store images, such as product images, collection cover images, blog post images, and uploaded images.
  • AI Driven Image Resizing: VF Image Optimizer is AI driven, making the image resizing process more intuitive and easy. It can easily detect what image should look like and quickly resize it accordingly.
  • Professional Look: VF Image Optimizer helps merchants to get a professional look for their store, without having to spend hours on manual image resizing.
  • Optimize Image Compression & SEO: VF Image Optimizer helps merchants optimize their image compression and SEO to boost their website traffic. This feature makes it easier for search engines to find their store and index their images.


VF Image Optimizer provides a free plan that merchants can install and use with no additional charges. Apart from this, there are three paid plans, namely Basic, Professional, and Advanced. The Basic plan starts at $8.99/month, the Professional plan starts at $18.99/month, and the Advanced plan starts at $38.99/month. All the plans offer merchants the same features and functionalities, but the Advanced plan gives access to unlimited images and offers priority support.