Protect against online scams on Shopify with Fraud Scanner. Automatically review and cancel orders marked as 'Fraudulent' to prevent chargebacks.

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Fraud Scanner

Fraud Scanner

Stop the scammers! Automatically cancel fraudulent orders!


Fraud Scanner is a Shopify app that helps merchants save time and money while automatically reviewing and cancelling orders marked as “Fraudulent”. With an increasing amount of online scammers, it’s easy to miss potential fraud if orders are manually reviewed. Fraud Scanner may be the perfect solution for merchants who are experiencing chargebacks due to orders marked High-Risk or Medium-Risk of fraud. With this app, merchants can easily detect fraud everytime an order comes in, and take action to prevent chargebacks before it’s too late.


  • Fraud Detection: This app uses advanced algorithms to quickly detect fraud every time an order is placed. Merchants can be sure that suspicious orders are accurately identified and flagged for review.
  • Flexible Settings: Merchants have full control over the fraud detection settings in the app. They can adjust the settings to fit their specific needs, and can be sure that only orders that pose a potential risk are identified.
  • Manual Review: Merchants can manually review flagged orders, and take action as needed. This gives merchants the flexibility they need to make sure only valid orders are processed.
  • Automated Action: The app automatically cancels orders that are marked as fraudulent, with no effort on the merchant’s part. This helps merchants save time and money, as orders that pose a high risk of fraud are cancelled without any manual intervention.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Fraud Scanner sends real-time notifications to merchants whenever a suspicious order is flagged. This helps merchants stay ahead of fraudsters, and take action quickly.
  • Data Analysis: Merchants can view analytics and data that are provided by the app. This gives them an overview of the number of orders that have been identified as fraudulent, and helps them understand the current fraudulent trends.
  • Chargeback Protection: Fraud Scanner helps merchants protect their business from chargebacks. Merchants are protected from fraudulent transactions, and can easily keep track of each order and trace it back to the source.


Fraud Scanner is available for Shopify merchants for a subscription fee. The pricing plans vary according to the needs of the merchant, and starts from $1.99/month. The different plans are the Starter Plan ($1.99/month), Basic Plan ($6.95/month), Advanced Plan ($12.95/month) and the Plus Plan ($24.95/month).