Streamline appointment scheduling with Tipo Appointment Booking. Enjoy efficient booking management, customizable forms, Google Calendar sync, and email notifications.

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Tipo Appointment Booking

Tipo Appointment Booking

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Tipo Appointment Booking is a top-level appointment scheduling app from Shopify. Its efficient booking management and personalized features can bring seismic shifts in the ways businesses can organize and manage appointments. Shopify users who avail this app get a full suite of features including booking management and customizable forms for faster and easier booking. Moreover, owners get access to Google Calendar sync to facilitate personal scheduling, email notifications for customers, and detailed booking information. This easy-to-use and reliable tool is available to Shopify customers at no cost with a 7-day trial, and at a reasonable price depending on the plans they choose.


  • Booking Management: This feature allows businesses to keep track of appointment details with great accuracy.
  • Google Calendar Sync: This facility makes it easier to sync customers and employees' personal schedule.
  • Customizable Design: This feature gives users the capability to customize booking forms with font, color, and background image.
  • Additional Custom Fields: Any kind of custom field can be added to the booking forms.
  • Automated Email Notifications: Businesses can send an email to the customers automatically when any booking is made.
  • Custom Notifications: Users can craft custom notifications for the customers about their appointments.
  • Booking Calendar: A booking calendar simplifies the process of organizing and managing appointments.
  • Appointment Reminders: This feature enables businesses to remind the customers about their appointments.
  • Privacy Policy Template: A privacy policy template is provided to assure customers that their information is kept safe.
  • Online Payments: This feature makes it easy for customers to make online payments for their appointments.


Tipo Appointment Booking is available at no cost to Shopify customers with a 7-day trial. For those who want more features, there is a PRO plan.FREE: Free with 7-day trialPRO: 14.90/month