Optimize your Shopify store with SEO and speed tools, image optimization, broken link detection, and meta generator.

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SEO, Image optimizer & Speed

SEO, Image optimizer & Speed

Smart SEO, Boost page Speed, Image compression, lazyload, JSON


TinyIMG is a powerful SEO and Speed app designed to help optimize Shopify stores. The app provides a comprehensive set of tools to help Shopify store owners improve their search engine rankings and overall page speeds. It offers numerous features, including SEO optimizer, SEO booster, automated page speed optimizer, image SEO, image compression, photo resizing, and Alt Text generator. Additionally, store owners can utilize broken link detection and 404 redirect features, as well as JSON-LD, meta generator, lazy load, and script control for an optimized store. Overall, TinyIMG provides a valuable resource for improving the performance and SEO of a Shopify store.


  • SEO Optimizer: TinyIMG offers an SEO optimizer that can help to improve store rankings. The app leverages powerful algorithms to provide the maximum SEO benefit for the store.
  • SEO Booster: TinyIMG offers a comprehensive SEO booster that can improve search engine rankings. It uses a range of techniques, such as meta tags, backlinks, and anchor text to boost store visibility.
  • Automated Page Speed Optimizer: TinyIMG provides an automated page speed optimizer that can reduce page load times. This feature helps to improve user experience and store ranking.
  • One-Click Image SEO: TinyIMG offers a one-click image SEO feature. This feature provides image compression, photo resizing, and ALT Text generation, to help improve store performance.
  • Broken Link Detection & 404 Redirects: TinyIMG offers a broken link detection feature that can help to identify any broken links and redirect them to the appropriate page. This helps to ensure that visitors are not left with a “dead end” page.
  • JSON-LD & Meta Generator: TinyIMG includes a JSON-LD and meta generator, to help boost store performance. This helps to improve store visibility, and can be customized to meet the store owner’s specific requirements.
  • Script Control & Lazy Load: TinyIMG provides script control and lazy loading, to help improve store speeds. The scripts can be optimized to reduce load times, and the lazy loading helps to ensure that the page loads quickly.
  • Image Optimizer: TinyIMG includes a powerful image optimizer, to ensure that images are optimized for the best performance. It can resize, compress, and optimize images for the best performance.
  • SEO Reports: Store owners can utilize TinyIMG’s SEO reports, to gain insight into their store’s performance. These reports provide a comprehensive view of the store’s performance, and can help store owners improve their SEO efforts.
  • Automated Image Optimization: TinyIMG provides automated image optimization, to ensure that images are optimized for the best SEO and performance. This feature can help store owners to save time and improve the overall performance of their stores.


TinyIMG is free to install, with additional charges for 24 months, beginner, advanced, and pro plans. The 24-month plan is priced at $2.99/month, the beginner plan is priced at $9.99/month and the advanced plan is priced at $19.99/month.