Automate and personalize email marketing with Tiny Email Marketing. Access templates, AI copywriter assistance, real-time reporting, and detailed customer insights.

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tiny Email Marketing

tiny Email Marketing

Easy email marketing for ecommerce.


For Shopify merchants that are looking to automate and personalize their email marketing campaigns, the Tiny Email Marketing app is an ideal choice. It features all the features that are needed to deliver impactful campaigns right from the start, including a comprehensive suite of templates, AI copywriter assistance, and automated emails. Additionally, the app provides instant real-time reporting on the campaign’s performance and detailed insights into customers’ behaviors and purchase information.


  • Automate Abandon Cart Recovery: Tiny Email Marketing offers automated cart recovery emails to help you recover lost sales with targeted offers and discounts.
  • Segmentation: With AI-Assisted Segmentation, you can easily create tailored campaigns for specific customer segments to ensure maximum relevancy and engagement.
  • Welcome Emails: Get more effective at welcoming new customers with personalized messages crafted with AI copywriter and stunning designs to ensure first-time success.
  • Send Interactive Content: Make the emails engaging with interactive content such as countdown timers, sliders, and videos powered by Tiny Email Marketing's embedded technology.
  • Campaigns Tracking and Reporting: Track campaigns performance and get actionable insights into customers’ behaviors and purchase information with the real-time reporting feature.
  • Onboarding & Migration: Tiny Email Marketing makes moving to the app or migrating from other platforms as easy as a few clicks.
  • AI-assisted copywriting: Craft stunning emails faster with AI copywriting that automatically creates personalized and high-converting messages.
  • Hundreds of Templates: Choose from hundreds of professionally designed email templates to boost readership.
  • Embedded Forms: Easily build an email list by placing embedded forms on the website.
  • Popup Tool: Quickly capture customers’ emails with beautiful and interactive popups.


Tiny Email Marketing is free to install, with no additional charges. Merchants can get started with up to 500 contacts for free and there are paid plans from $15/month. The additional fee is based on usage.