Showcase events and promotions with the Shop Events Calendar. Easily embed and customize the mobile-friendly widget for improved store visibility.

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The Shop Events Calendar

The Shop Events Calendar

A calendar widget to help you showcase your events and promos


The Shop Events Calendar is an intuitive store calendar widget designed to help merchants showcase events and promotions. The calendar is mobile friendly and easy to install, enabling store owners to embed their calendar easily and customize it to their exact needs. Whether the goal is to promote upcoming events, announcements, product releases, or anything else, the Shop Events Calendar allows merchants to quickly and easily create an unlimited number of events and promotions to improve their store's visibility. The Shop Events Calendar also makes it easy to integrate other calendars from sources such as Apple and Google, and offers language translation options as well.


  • Unlimited Event Creation: Create an unlimited amount of events for your calendar, store, and calendar with ease.
  • Integrate other Calendars: Easily integrate calendars from Google, Apple, and more.
  • Quick Calendar Install: The 1-click install or copy and paste options make the calendar setup a breeze.
  • Calendar Translations: Translate your calendar into a variety of languages.
  • Mobile Friendly: The Shop Events Calendar is mobile-friendly, ensuring your store's visibility everywhere.
  • Customization Options: Easily customize font, color, and other design elements to make your calendar look its best.
  • Scheduling: Schedule your events to occur at specific times and be automatically added to your calendar.
  • Event Sharing: Easily share your events with friends, family, and customers via social media.
  • Notifications: Set notifications to remind you of upcoming events and promotions.
  • Support: The Shop Events Calendar offers excellent customer support to help you set up, customize, and expand your calendar.


The Shop Events Calendar is offered at the low price of $5 per month and includes a 7-day free trial. This plan offers unlimited event creation, the ability to integrate with other calendars, mobile-friendly setup, calendar translations, customization options, and more. This plan is accessible to all store owners regardless of size or budget.