Create stunning banner sliders easily with SmartBN. Choose from various slider types, preview, and assign links. Works perfectly on all devices for a seamless experience.

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SmartBN: Banner Slider

SmartBN: Banner Slider

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SmartBN: Banner Slider is an easy-to-use app for Shopify users looking to create and deploy beautiful banners as sliders to any space they choose. With a variety of sliders to choose from, including video sliders and a full-width mode, Banner Slider provides users with an intuitive and straightforward way to stay organized and create great banners with minimum effort. Sliders can be created and previewed before they are made available to customers, and links can be assigned to each banner image. Banner Slider works perfectly on all devices, so customization and display will look perfect no matter the device used.


  • Create & Edit Sliders / Banners: With Banner Slider, creating, editing, and removing sliders and banners is super easy. Users can upload images, customize their sliders and create multiple sliders to best suit their needs.
  • Preview Sliders: Banner Slider allows users to preview sliders before they decide to display them on the front end. This feature allows you to test how your sliders look and make necessary changes before they are life.
  • Embedded Code: Banner Slider provides users with the embedded code for each slider, which can be inserted into any liquid file or page. This is a great way to quickly and efficiently display your banners as sliders.
  • Bulk Upload: Banner Slider allows users to bulk upload images to save time and make things easier. The objective is to allow the user to perform more complex operations at a greater speed. This feature is especially useful for users with lots of banners to manage.
  • Video Sliders: Banner Slider offers an option to upload video-based sliders, giving you the opportunity to go beyond just static images. Videos are a great way to grab customer attention, and this feature makes it easy for users to add video sliders to their sites.
  • Full-Width Mode: Banner Slider also offers a full-width mode, allowing users to have their sliders display in the full width of the screen. This mode can be used to take up the entire space of the page, making an impressive statement and drawing the attention of visitors.
  • Drag & Drop: The drag and drop feature allows users to arrange their banners in a way that works best for them. This increases the versatility of the app and makes it easier to manage sliders and banners.
  • SEO Optimization: Banner Slider is SEO optimized, helping users maximize the visibility of their content. The ability to write title tags, meta descriptions, and anchor texts further helps with SEO and ensures that your banners are at the top of the search engine rankings.
  • Mobile Friendly: Banner Slider is fully mobile friendly and works beautifully on all devices. This is essential for optimizing your sliders to look great on any device and ensures that your banners always look perfect, no matter the device used.


Banner Slider is free to install and use, and there's also a 14-day free trial available. Users can also choose from three packages ranging from $14.99/month to $39.99/month, each with its own set of features. The free plan is great for users who are just starting out, while the BASIC package offers additional features for those who need a bit more. The PROFESSIONAL and ADVANCED packages are best for users with a lot of banners and sliders to manage, so they can take full advantage of the app’s features.