Create urgency with the SMART Scarcity Countdown Timer. Enhance the customer experience and boost sales.

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SMART Scarcity Countdown Timer

SMART Scarcity Countdown Timer

Create urgency for their products through its highly customizable features


The SMART Scarcity Countdown Timer is an app that allows Shopify merchants to create urgency for their products through its highly customizable features. It’s an innovative way for shop owners to enhance the customer experience in their store by ensuring they take certain actions and make quicker purchasing decisions. This app is designed to help Shopify merchants automate the process of creating scarcity during sales and promotions to push customers into action.


  • Interactive Timer: This app allows Shopify merchants to create interactive and eye-catching timers to notify customers of the reduced stock availability. The merchants can also set timers to urge customers to buy the product before they run out of stock.
  • Enhance Customer Buying Experience: Shopify merchants can also create a sense of urgency in customers and motivate them to take action immediately. This will help increase the Average Visitor Value (AVV) of a store.
  • Highly Visible: This app makes it easy for merchants to display a visible countdown timer on their product and collection pages. The timer is easily customizable to fit the store’s design.
  • Automation: Timer automation is one of the key features of this app. It allows merchants to schedule timers and set them to run on different days of the week or specific periods.
  • Accessible Analytics: Through this app, shop owners have access to analytics allowing them to track, monitor, and analyze customer interactions with the timer, giving them the base to make strategic decisions.
  • Customizable Countdown Timers: The best feature this app offers merchants is the ability to customize their countdown timers according to their own preferences.
  • Roam Timer: This feature allows the merchant to add a timer to their website’s main page, allowing them to boost sales across the store.
  • Multi-cultural Support: This app allows merchants to customize the colors, languages, and visuals to fit their store’s culture.
  • Event Warnings: The app enables merchants to set custom event warnings like time-based ones.
  • Easy Integration: This app is seamlessly integrated into Shopify and can be used by anyone regardless of their technical expertise.


This app is totally free and helps Shopify merchants enhance customer’s buying experience by motivating them to take action as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the timer settings are adjustable and customizable to fit into the store's own aesthetic. The merchants can use analytics to track how customers interact with the countdown timer giving them a better understanding of their market base.